West Virginia RV Travel Destinations

West Virginia RV Warranties for Nature Lovers

West Virginia is the perfect destination for the RVer looking to explore beautiful and exciting mountain terrain. Nicknamed the “Mountain State” for its location along the Appalachians, West Virginia boasts a variety of gorgeous scenery and outdoors activities that are unparalleled in other parts of the country. In particular, West Virginia houses a multitude of “karstic” terrain, or landscape that over time has dissolved into a playground of caves, underground water systems, and dense weather-resistant rock formations. Karstic terrain is favored by outdoorsmen, so it is a huge draw for RV travelers looking to explore truly unique areas.

For the slightly less adventurous, West Virginia offers a variety of local music and traditions, mostly based on the Appalachian community. Check out live concerts and museums for a glimpse into West Virginia’s exciting and diverse community lifestyle. Even a simple RV drive along the winding country roads is a particularly exciting activity in this state, as the views outside your window are absolutely stunning. Visit one of West Virginia’s State Parks for an amazing nature experience. Consider George Washington and Jefferson National Forest for the quintessential trio of camping, hiking, and fishing, or travel to the Bluestone National Scenic River for a guided tour of gorgeous landscape. Wherever your RV takes you in West Virginia, it’s sure to be lush with unique plant and animal life. Do not forget your hiking shoes for this trip, as you’ll want to hit the trail as soon as you catch a glimpse of green trees and clear waters!

If you happen to be planning ahead for an autumn trip, your research ends here! West Virginia offers absolutely stunning fall foliage every year, and there is no better place to spend a crisp autumn day than within the confines of the Mountain State.

The benefit of an RV Extended Warranty with is that you are never alone when you travel. While many of West Virginia’s best attractions are off the beaten path, you have coverage! Should your motorhome or towable RV suffer a mechanical breakdown, you’ll be able to take it to any licensed repair facility in the United States or Canada for RV Warranty work. Rest assured that even in the gorgeous back hills of West Virginia, we’ve got you covered!

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