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For over a decade, Wholesale Warranties has helped Dealerships across the country increase business, trust, and bottom line results through integration of aftermarket products such as Extended Warranties, Roadside Assistance, GAP coverage, and Tire and Wheel protection.

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The unmatched customer service and quality of the products offered by Wholesale Warranties have allowed us to become one of the fastest growing companies in the country. As a leading provider of RV Warranties, we have earned and maintained an A rating from the BBB and 5-star ratings by numerous consumer advocate groups. 

Adding warranty options to the products your F&I team offers not only helps in increasing your bottom line, but can also increase:

  • Customer Satisfaction! When your customer purchases RV mechanical breakdown coverage, they will take comfort in the assurance that they can take their RV to any licensed repair facility in the U.S. or Canada to have their RV repaired.
  • Repeat business! With an RV Warranty, a majority of customers return to their purchasing dealership for repairs when a mechanical breakdown occurs. By staying top of mind and maintaining a relationship with your customers, you are creating multiple opportunities for you to showcase your inventory, ensuring that you will be maximizing your potential sales to previous customers.

Wholesale Warranties is best known for specializing in RV Extended Service Contracts, but they lead in Warranty programs for Automobiles, Motorcycles, ATV’s, and all types of boats as well.

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About RV Warranty from Wholesale Warranties

So, how exactly does an RV Warranty from Wholesale Warranties protect your adventures?

Repair Coverage

Your RV warranty will step into pay for the cost of almost any mechanical failure your rig may face.

Long-term Deals

Lock in today’s rate for multiple years of coverage to get your best deal.

Protection Expert

Work with an RV protection expert to find the level of coverage and deductible option that best suits your RV lifestyle.


Wholesale Warranties partners with top-rated RV warranty companies with a proven history of paying claims