North Country, New York RV Travel Ideas

North Country RVers use their RV Warranties in the natural beauty of New York!

North Country, New York has been described as one of the most beautiful places in the United States to park your RV. North Country is not too far from Niagara Falls, and encompasses most of the beautiful northern New York regions, so be sure to plan your RV campsites accordingly. The popularity of RVing in this area makes it the perfect place to utilize your motorhome warranty or travel trailer warranty should you have a breakdown. North Country is beautiful at all times of the year and provides many activities and resources for travelers and locals alike.

If baseball is your sport, New York is a definite must visit. The National Hall of Fame can be found in Albany, part of North Country, and is open to anybody who would like to come and see the famous relics of America’s past time. The Hall of Fame’s purpose is to preserve history, honor excellence, and connect generations to the history of baseball. Anybody who has ever enjoyed baseball and its superstars will love seeing baseball artifacts, literature and photographs. When planning your motorhome trip through North Country, be sure to stop in Albany to visit this American institution.

If Diamonds are your weakness, then the Herkimer Diamond Mines may need to be your next destination. The diamond mines are not your typical mines and do not require any sort of cave diving nor heavy machinery. Visitors need only to peer through crevasses to see if diamonds are in them. In all honesty though, these precious gems are not actual diamonds, rather, they are very rare quartz crystals. These crystals can be made into fashionable jewelry that you can show all your friends and family!

Whether you’re a shopper looking to spot your own “diamonds”, or an avid baseball fan looking to check out the National Hall of Fame, make sure that your next motorhome trip includes the North Country region of New York! Protect yourself before the trip with a motorhome extended warranty from

Niagara Falls is a tourist town with lots of its activities geared around the great falls. One way to get close to the falls is via boat. Many tourists get up close and personal to the falls via the Maid of the Mist. The Maid of the Mist is a ferry that has been around since 1846. The boats have changed throughout the years but the route to the falls has expanded and is now closer than ever to the mighty falls.

Whether you’re one of our RV Warranty clients hailing from the Great White North, or a Boat Warranty customer from Sunny California or Florida, the Falls are a must see for any traveler.

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