Tricks to Understanding Your RV Extended Warranty Contract

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Tricks to Understanding Your RV Extended Warranty Contract

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Regardless of their subject, contracts can be the most frightening and intimidating pieces of paper you’ll come across. They are also overwhelming, often leading signers to skip over very crucial points. When it comes to your RV Warranty contract, we advise you as the RV owner to do a thorough examination before purchasing. Even if you don’t purchase your policy through us, there are many common qualities among all extended warranty contracts that we believe merit a detailed eye. As industry experts, we at Wholesale Warranties want to provide RVers with an in-depth look at how to be smart with your RV Warranty contract.

Exclusions and Limitations

Just like with any contract, there will be exclusions and limitations explicitly stated in your RV Extended Warranty contract. We act as brokers, and the contracts we sell have succinct sections that clearly list what is covered in your coach and what is not. These sections of your RV Warranty contract are crucial, and should be one of the first things you review before purchasing. No one wants to be surprised down the road when an excluded part fails! Learn which components on your RV will be covered by your warranty by reading through “What is Not Covered” sections, as well as any limitations a given contract may have for covered parts. For instance, some contracts may implement “claim caps” on components you do have covered, meaning that the liability can be limited to a certain dollar amount.

RV Owner Responsibilities

Regular maintenance practices such as oil changes or other services affect the way your coach functions, and in an RV Extended Warranty contract, you as the owner are required to ensure these tasks are completed in a timely manner. If your home-on-wheels suffers a failure and it is related to a lack of owner maintenance, you could very well lose your protection. Depending on the policy you purchase, you will either have the freedom to perform these services yourself (while keeping a detailed log of dates and receipts), or you may be required to have repairs completed at licensed repair or service facility. Whether you purchase an RV Warranty or not, performing scheduled maintenance as outlined by your manufacturer is always a good idea. Some forgotten maintenance tasks, such as dusting and cleaning out the back of your refrigerator a few times per year, could save your life, as poorly maintained units could be fire hazards.

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Additional Coverages

When getting ready to finish out your contract, be aware of any additional opportunities for coverage. A big one is roadside assistance, which is often included in your RV Warranty. Make certain to look into the details of how comprehensive that assistance is, however, as it can be quite minimal. Luckily, we offer add-on Roadside Assistance that will assist you and your coach in the most desolate of places with unlimited towing, lock-out services and more. The benefits far exceed the minimal yearly price, especially when considering that having your RV towed can end up costing hundreds of dollars out of pocket. Another additional coverage to seek out in your contract is seals and gaskets protection. These parts are often left uncovered but are involved in most major claims. When purchasing a Listed Component Policy, you’ll also want to look for add-ons that cover any additional components you are concerned about, including slide-outs, leveling systems, and more.

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