How to Enjoy the Journey with Boondocker’s Welcome

How to Enjoy the Journey with Boondockers Welcome

How to Enjoy the Journey with Boondocker’s Welcome

How to Enjoy the Journey with Boondockers Welcome

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Boondockers Welcome, a Great Way to Experience the Journey

Are you tired of passing through small towns that look interesting and not knowing how to get insider information to enjoy them? Well, we have a solution for you. 

Boondockers Welcome is a program that allows self-contained RVers to really experience the small (and large) towns of North America. With 3,000+ locations all across the continent, there’s sure to be an experience for every type of traveler.

The low yearly membership fee allows Members unlimited access to stay at any of the thousands of Host locations and works out to be just about the cost of a single stay at a large campground. There’s even an app for the program that allows you to find locations based on your already scheduled route and then make the reservation! 

Pricing for Boondockers Welcome plans is set to increase at the beginning of May 2022. Head over to to lock in the low rate of $50 per year and pay that price regardless of the increase as long as your membership remains active.

So what is boondocking? Boondocking (or dry camping) refers to when RVers are totally self-contained, meaning that they do not need to be hooked up in any way. Yes, this means not being hooked up to water, power, or even sewer. Though, it’s not as scary as it sounds. Have you ever overnighted in a commercial parking lot because there was nowhere else to pull off? Then you’re a boondocking pro! There’s more good news here though, about 75% of Boondockers Welcome Hosts actually DO offer some kind of hookups on site. 

Next time you’re moving from point A to B, consider Boondockers Welcome. There’s no reason to ever have to overnight in a loud, busy parking lot again. Why even bother when you could be learning about where you are, and where to go next from an amazing Host along the way?

Here are what current Members are saying about the program:

“We joined about a year ago and truly love this service! We’re no longer boondocking overnight at Walmart. All of the hosts have been very gracious and helpful, plus we’ve learned about some interesting places our hosts have traveled to and decided we needed to check these places out as well. Some have had full hooks up and allowed us to stay multiple days while in an area and some are just an overnight stop, but all have been fantastic and welcoming host. We highly recommend this service to all of our RV friends!”  – anglingyakers 

“We tried something new this trip and it totally changed the way we travel! Our brand new @boondockers.welcome membership connected us with amazing hosts and quiet places to stay the night. Our last night on the road we stayed at this gorgeous property with incredible hosts! Next-level sleep attained for our last long leg of travel home, walked and paddled the acreage, handy 30 amp connection for the night, and we couldn’t have been more grateful to have had a night of conversation on the dock with our hosts. Treasured time.” – cheriebosolay

“Our first Boondockers Welcome experience happened the night of our first day of full-time RV life. We left the house where we had lived for 25 years that morning, full of excitement and trepidation, and ended that first day at the home of a wonderful host. Our dogs were very happy to be able to run a bit off-leash next to a field while we watched them closely nearby. We watched a gorgeous sunset and then spent a peaceful night before taking off the next day. That was two weeks ago and we still talk about what a perfect way that was to start our full-time journey. We love Boondockers Welcome!” – Gary+Kris

As you can see, adding Boondockers Welcome to your RVing journey is a great way to experience new things and meet amazing people on the road. Grab your membership today and start exploring! 

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