Winter RV Protection Changes: What You Should Know

Winter RV Protection

Winter RV Protection Changes: What You Should Know

Winter RV Protection

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If you’ve been holding out on purchasing an RV warranty, this blog is for you!

The most important feature of any warranty is the peace of mind that comes from knowing your repair costs will be covered. This protection will step in and pay for mechanical and electrical failures on your rig when you need it most.

Oftentimes failures happen when you least expect it. Protection products become a key element of designing an effective travel budget as motorhomes become increasingly complex, and repair costs rise to meet these changes. On average, you can expect to pay $300 per hour between parts and labor for each and every repair. With a warranty in place, you can travel with an extra layer of security knowing those high-ticket items will be taken care of in the event of a failure.

Unfortunately, breakdowns are an unavoidable part of RV life. Studies show that 30% of RVs will suffer a major breakdown by the second year on the road. By the fifth year, that number increases to 80%. By the eighth year on the road – nearly every RV will see a catastrophic failure! Unfortunately, those aren’t the most favorable odds when you’re developing a strict travel budget for your RV life.

So how can you save the most on your coverage upfront?

Don’t wait to purchase a policy!

If you’ve already purchased and locked in your warranty, you’re set for the life of your policy term! But if you haven’t secured coverage yet, there are some key points you’ll need to know. Every new year brings big changes that affect your pocket and your RV’s eligibility for an active policy. The new year will bring increases to the overall price of your warranty, while potentially lowering the total years of coverage you can lock in for your home-on-wheels.

Let’s start with pricing changes:

With a new year, every RV on the road will be considered one model year older, regardless of when you purchased the unit. That means all prices on extended warranties will be higher once the new year hits. So, if you haven’t purchased by January 1st, your original quote will increase.

Note that if you purchased this years unit in this year, and you wait until next year to purchase an extended service contract on the vehicle, your unit will be considered used because it’s out of the original factory warranty. Before your policy can be activated, you’ll have to have a full inspection done. Additionally, the longest available term on last years unit decreases from 8 years to 7 years.

Let’s discuss those eligibility changes in more detail:

Towable RVs aged 2008 and older will no longer be eligible for any coverage. For motorhomes, 2003 units will no longer be eligible for any coverage, and 2008 units will lose access to comprehensive levels of coverage. Securing a policy before the end of the year allows you to locking additional years of coverage when you won’t be able to get a policy anywhere else.

Did you recently purchase a brand new rig? Get the best value by locking in your RV protection now.

Even if you’re planning on winterizing your RV, securing coverage before the new year will save you the most money on your warranty protection.

Set yourself up for Spring Success

A lot of RVers will choose to hold off on getting their RV warranty coverage because they won’t be using the rig over the colder months. We get it, it seems logical to wait (although, there is the price increase to think of). But who wants to buy protection for a rig they won’t be enjoying for a while right?

The truth is, RVs aren’t really made to sit around. RVs that are winterized and don’t see much love over the colder months tend to come out of hibernation with a few mechanical issues. If you purchase your RV warranty before winterization, issues you run into next Spring will be RV warranty claims, not hits to your travel budget! We’ll of course be happy to help you out next year if you do choose to wait on purchasing your policy, but any mechanical or electrical issues your motorhome or towable RV is facing will need to be fixed before the extended RV warranty can be activated, as they’ll be considered pre-existing to the coverage at that time.

There really is no time like the present!

RV Extended Warranties

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