RVing – A Brief History

Old Stage Coach

RVing – A Brief History

Old Stage Coach

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At we like to take a look back at where we came from. Motorhomes and towable RV’s are our bread and butter, and whether your mind conjures an image of a classic Airstream, or even the most up-to-date 40 footer, we’ve been surrounded by them for so long they’re customary. But have you ever stopped to consider how RVing got its start?

Wagons: The First RVs

Many historians consider covered wagons to be the first Recreational Vehicles, and when you think about it they do fit the bill. Covered wagons were homes-on-wheels, and rustic as they seem to us now, they certainly played a large part in the history and settlement of the United States. The first official motorized RV was produced in 1910, and thus celebrated its 100th birthday just a few years ago in 2010. That first RV might be unrecognizable to the newest wave of campers, as it featured only a back seat that folded into a small bed, a sink that folded down from the driver’s seat, and a chamber pot. Nothing like a little perspective to make you appreciate some of the newest motorhome models which boast everything from flat screen TV’s to built-in fireplaces and floor plans that comfortably sleep the entire family and then some.

Growth of RV Popularity

With the popularity of these first RVs the industry boomed, and campgrounds around the country began to pop up. Even in those days you could find everything from giant parks with movie theaters and all of the amenities, to expanded rustic areas in National Parks. The Great Depression and World War 2 slowed production of RV’s, but saw them used as emergency homes, and hospitals during these hard times in American history. RV’s are often used in emergency situations today, and can be a welcome bit of home in the wake of natural disaster. The 1960’s brought about the version of RV’s we’re used to today thanks to large companies like Winnebago and the popularity of a less expensive family vacation on the road. From there, the story of the RV is much the story of humanity—with each new technological breakthrough, the vehicles become more comfortable, offer more amenities, and even progress in the realm of environmental friendliness.

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