A List of RVers You Should be Following

RVers You Should Follow

A List of RVers You Should be Following

RVers You Should Follow

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If you like keeping up with your fellow RVers, this is the list for you! RVers who document and share their RVing experiences with others are extremely important for our community. Learning through someone else’s experience can help you in your RV journey! A sense of community is invaluable when you are learning the ropes, or trying out something new in your RV life. We rounded up some of our seasoned favorites and broke them up into three categories: Follows for Full-Timers, Families, and Educational RVers. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pick a favorite, we’re pretty sure by the end of this article you’ll be following them all..

Full-Time RVers to Follow

Lyf Uninterrupted

Brian & Shawnna are full-time RVers who left their corporate jobs, sold their sticks-and-bricks, and auctioned off their belongings in search of a more purposeful life. They have two adorable dogs who they travel with in their 2008 Winnebago Class A motorhome. Their goal is to travel to as many places as possible! They have a YouTube channel, blog, and website. They share their itinerary on their website of places they plan to visit and places they have been to in the past. They also share the cost of campgrounds and if they recommend staying there, which is a great resource if you’re in the process of planning out your next trip.

Getaway Couple

Getaway Couple

Rae & Jason first hit the road in 2017. It was never their intention to become full-time RVers, as they only planned on RVing for one year. Today you can still find them exploring the United States with their dog in their Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel. Getaway Couple loves to document their travels on their YouTube channel and make educational videos on RV tips and tricks. Not only do they document the fun stuff, but they also document important, educational lessons for RVers. They have an RV Masterclass where they rundown just about everything they know! They are so good at sharing their love of RVing with others, and it really shows in the quality and value of the content they produce.



Brian & Michelle are the brains and hearts behind LivinRVision. They create content in order to inspire, entertain, share reviews and let you in on their RVing tips. Brian and Michelle felt they were not living their lives to their fullest potential. That is when they started to look deeply at what truly made them happy. They set aside their distractions and set their sights on their true passion, travel!  They sold their home and started to work remotely in order to spend more quality time together and enjoy more meaningful moments. You can find them on YouTube and on their website. They have an amazing blog featuring a ton of helpful resources for their RV family to use.

RVing Families

Keep Your Daydream

Keep Your Daydream

There is no feat that this family can’t tackle! Marc & Tricia hit the road full-time with their three children to have the ultimate family adventure. This family had big dreams of doing something more exciting with their lives, so they ditched their traditional ‘American Dream’ and started chasing a life of excitement and fun! They set a date and started working toward hitting the road. They were inspired by other YouTubers traveling and sailing the world. They had a simple idea, and “Keep Your Daydream” was born! Today, they have thousands of followers on YouTube, an awesome podcast, an information-filled blog, and an online course on how to grow your YouTube channel.

Fulltime Families on the Road

Fulltime Families is a community of RVers who offer a network of support for fellow traveling families. This community started with only a handful of families and now boasts thousands of members! Fulltime Families strives to provide education for families as they jump into the world of RVing. They put on a variety of events, meetups, and educational events. There are several unique branches for you to join and make friends with! Having a community to rely on is important when raising children on the road. Additionally, members are able to get exclusive discounts with their membership. You can get more information on their website and follow their blog as well!

The Chick’s Life

This family of four has made their life a true adventure. After selling their home, full-timers Ashley and James hit the road in an RV with their two daughters. The Chick’s Life has made traveling with a family easy and realistic. This charismatic family is relatable and inspiring to watch. They have now settled down into their new property but have given the RV community plenty to watch on their YouTube channel. Their motto is, “stay positive, life is an adventure so get out there and make some memories!”

Educational RVers to Watch

RV Love

RV Love

Marc & Julie are RV community heroes. After experiencing life in the suburbs, this couple decided it was time for more freedom, adventure, and experiences. They didn’t want to wait for retirement to enjoy their life. Instead, they started learning everything there was to know about RVing, and the full-time travel lifestyle. They soon set a deadline and created a plan to get them RVing. Now as full-time RVers, they work to bring RV education to others. They have published a successful book, written tons of useful and entertaining articles, and have a growing YouTube channel. They also host a yearly RV Summit with different panelists in the RV industry. If you have an RV question, RV Love has an answer!

RV Habit

Lou from RV Habit can help you fix anything on your rig! Lou is a bank of information on RV upgrades, mods, and gadgets. He has a video and blog for just about any RV query you may have. Lou is passionate about teaching the community how to fix and tweak things on your travel trailer. If you’re looking for someone to trust on RV maintenance, RV Habit has the information you’re looking for.

The Wandering RV

The Wandering RV is an online camping and travel magazine that is dedicated to sharing the RV lifestyle with as many people as possible! Bill and Kayla run this blog in hopes of bringing you along their journey and empowering you to do the same. Think of this publication as a guide for anything you’re looking for. Details on RV reviews, insurance, finances, rentals, and campgrounds can all be found here. Subscribe to this blog to get the latest news and information on RVing. Their in-depth blogs make RVing a little bit easier!

Is there anyone you look up to in the RV community? Share in the comments below, we’d love to know about them!

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