Celebrating Halloween on the Road: Tips for RVers

RV Halloween Ideas

Celebrating Halloween on the Road: Tips for RVers

RV Halloween Ideas

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Life on the road can be full of surprises and new experiences, but sometimes it feels comforting to have a taste of home by celebrating certain holidays. Halloween, for instance, is a great one to celebrate in your RV. There are many ways to get in the Halloween spirit, and being frightened by an unexpected RV failure is not one of them, so make sure to stay covered with an extended RV warranty!

Festive Foods and Spooky Snacks

Whip Up Some Festive Foods Nothing gets a camper quite in the fall spirit like adding some autumn flavors to the menu. The scent of apples, cinnamon, and nutmeg can instantly bring about the cozy feeling of the season. Get creative with your campfire or in the kitchen and try some new, festive recipes. One highly recommended recipe is campfire baked apples—apples filled with dried fruit, nuts, and cinnamon, then baked on the campfire or in your motorhome oven. This mouth-watering dessert is both healthy and seasonal.

Jack O’ Lantern Quesadillas Add a spooky twist to your meals with Jack O’ Lantern quesadillas. For each quesadilla, you will need two flour tortillas and cheese. Take one tortilla and cut out Jack O’ Lantern shapes. Toast it a bit first, then place it over the cheese without flipping it. This fun and festive dish is sure to be a hit with both kids and adults.

Witch Brooms This quick and easy snack is perfect for kids. All you need are mini chocolate peanut butter cups and small pretzel sticks! Carefully push the end of the pretzel stick through the bottom of the peanut butter cup. Alternatively, use the end of a stick of string cheese for the broom bristles. Cut the cheese stick into thirds, then peel the ends back halfway. These witch brooms are not only delicious but also add a playful element to your Halloween festivities.

Edible Fake Blood Enhance your Halloween treats and costumes with edible fake blood. This simple recipe requires one cup of corn syrup, two tablespoons of water, one tablespoon of chocolate syrup, two tablespoons of cornstarch, and two tablespoons of red gel food coloring. Combine all ingredients with a whisk and store the mixture in a jar at room temperature for up to a month. Use it to decorate your spooky snacks or as part of your Halloween costume.

Devilish Decoration Ideas

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate! Whether you’re a current nomad or tied to a campsite, there are plenty of opportunities to decorate. Spruce up the inside of your home on wheels with a fall wreath, small uncarved pumpkins, or store-bought décor. If you’re staying at campgrounds, you have much room to work with, so get creative! Make a ghost out of a sheet and a ball, cover your RV in orange lights, and use lots of spider web.

Pumpkins Pumpkins are a classic fall decoration, but they may be difficult to deal with if you’re on the move. They’re big and heavy, and because they’re big and round, they are not easy to stow. Instead, you may opt for the smaller variety. They often have flatter bases, come in greater color varieties, and are cheaper! If you really want to get in the Halloween spirit, especially if you have kids, Jack O’ Lanterns may be a bit impractical. Instead, make your own Jack O’ Lanterns with some orange and yellow construction paper, scissors, markers, and a little imagination! Use tape to prop them up on the windows for passersby to smile back at. You can do the same with other simple shapes, such as ghosts or bats.

False Cobwebs Yet another Halloween staple, false cobwebs are a low-effort way to spookify your space. Because of how flexible and adhesive they are, they’ll easily cling to rough surfaces and corners. The takedown takes very little time too, and you don’t have to worry about tangling. The more tangled, the more realistic the effect! You can opt to put them on the outside of your rig when stopped, inside only, or both.

Fun Halloween Activities

Carve an RV Pumpkin The staple Halloween activity of carving a pumpkin will never go out of style. Make an outing to a local patch or nearest seller to pick out your perfect pumpkin. You can even go with a twist on the classic Jack-O-Lantern and make an RV inspired carving instead! This activity is perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit and creating a festive atmosphere in your RV.

Party Like Ghouls A large part of the RVing experience is making like-minded friends who love to RV! Gather up your campground colleagues and get into the Halloween spirit together. Fix up a few fall-inspired dishes, play some festive tunes, and maybe even bob for some apples. Consider organizing a costume contest or Halloween-themed games to add to the fun. Sharing this holiday with fellow RVers can create lasting memories and a sense of community on the road.

Campfire Stories While others are at home handing out candy, RVers get to enjoy the ambience of a campfire. It’s dark outside and there’s a chill in the air, making it the perfect setting for sharing scary stories. Forget enjoying a horror movie from the comfort of a traditional home. You get to experience the excitement and suspense out in the open. To up the fear factor, set your story wherever you’re staying. Each state has its own local legends and cryptids, from the Moth Man of West Virginia to California’s Fresno Nightcrawler, which you can adopt into your storytelling.

Trick-or-Treating If you have kids with you and you’re staying in a campground, you can always organize trick-or-treating with your fellow campers. It might be a good idea to stock up on extra candy in case others haven’t thought ahead. Trick-or-treating is a great opportunity for the kids to have fun and for the adults to connect with one another. Check with the campsite manager to get the go-ahead and be aware of possible allergies. Consider creating a trick-or-treat map of participating RVs to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Costume-Making Costumes can be tricky if you have limited access to delivery services and clothing stores—you have to plan ahead and consider what materials you might already have on hand. Eyeliner is useful for face makeup. Headbands are great bases to make ears for any animal-themed costume. Cardboard, paper, paper plates, glue, and twine are helpful to keep around for various uses, costumes included! Here are some basic yet timeless costume suggestions for the avid RVer:

  • Lumberjack: Flannel, overalls/pants and suspenders, axe, boots
  • Jason Voorhees: White T-shirt, machete/knife, jeans and blue button-down/coveralls, paper plate to make a mask
  • Deer: Brown shirt, brown eyeliner, headband, paper, glue
  • Werewolf: Ripped jeans, flannel, eyeliner, fingerless gloves
  • Hunter: Camo everything!

Sometimes little things make a big difference. You certainly don’t have to be a hardcore horror fan to enjoy the month of October. Fall is also about enjoying the mild weather, eating delicious soups, and spending time with family. Consider planning a scenic drive to take in the fall foliage or visiting a local fall festival for additional festive fun.


Often, RVers can feel far from home when traveling, but tapping into certain traditions will make anyone feel right at home. Whether through food, decorations, or fun activities, celebrating Halloween in your RV can be a unique and enjoyable experience. Enjoy the fall season and have a spooky, safe, and fun Halloween! Share your festive ideas and experiences with fellow RVers to inspire more creative ways to celebrate this hauntingly delightful holiday on the road.

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