What to Expect When Making an RV Extended Warranty Claim

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What to Expect When Making an RV Extended Warranty Claim

Truck Hauling Trailer

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Here’s what you can expect when processing a claim:

Bring Your RV to a Repair Facility

Whether your RV has to be towed or is drivable, locate a nearby licensed repair facility. When choosing where to take your RV, consider taking advantage of our new sister site, RV Repair Direct, which offers a directory of repair facilities and mobile mechanics with reviews from fellow RVers. We suggest you call prior to arriving to ensure the facility accepts extended warranties, and has the space, time, and equipment to facilitate your repair.


Once you have arrived, the repair facility will draw up a diagnosis of the failure, and contact your RV warranty company to authorize repairs on your behalf. It is very important to not proceed with any repairs prior to receiving authorization from your warranty company.

Start Repairs

After receiving authorization to move forward, your mechanic can move forward with the repairs to your RV!

RV Mechanic

Enjoy Trip Interruption Benefits

If your motorhome is unusable in result of a covered loss and you are more than 100 miles from home, you may receive payment towards lodging and meals. Rental car and towing expenses may also be compensated, depending on your warranty contract and situation. Ask your RV Warranty Specialist for more details on these great additional benefits!

Let Your Warranty Company Pick Up the Bill

The best part of having an RV extended warranty or extended service contract is the money you save when the repair bill comes. It can be a huge relief to only worry about paying your one small deductible, which is all that stands between you and getting back on the road with a new and improved RV!

Have any questions on claims or RV extended warranties? Email us at [email protected] or call us at 800-939-2806, we’d love to hear from you!

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