3 Reasons to Love the Quartzsite RV Show

Quartzsite Show, AZ

3 Reasons to Love the Quartzsite RV Show

Quartzsite Show, AZ

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Every January, the quiet desert town of Quartzsite becomes a bit more lively, thanks to the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation, & RV Show. If you’re an RVer, there is a good chance you have heard of this, as it is the largest RV gathering on Earth! We love seeing old friends and making new ones, which is why we attend each year to join in on the fun!

Here are a few reasons to love the Quartzsite RV Show:

1. The Destination

The desert ambiance of Quartzsite is part of what makes it so special. With the small population of under 4,000, it’s almost as if you have the desert to yourself. The never-ending expanse of boon-docked RV’s make the event feel like a summer camp for adults. Can’t forget about the warm winter temps in the upper 60s, and always guaranteed sunshine!

Jeff In Hummer

2. The Community

While Quartzsite is the biggest RV show and brings in over 150,000 attendees, there is so much opportunity for community building between subgroups. Many RVers take advantage of the giant get-together, and plan organized meet ups amongst RV owners of similar models, interests, and regions. While there is a lot of action inside the “Big Tent”, there is much to discover outside of it.

3. The Big Tent

One of the biggest sources of entertainment at Quartzsite is none other than the Big Tent. Jam-packed with exhibitors from all over the RV industry, there is much fun to be had. You’ll be informed of new services and cool gadgets suitable for RV life, and even get some goodies in the process! As always, we will have a booth, so make sure to come say hello and take a spin on our wheel of prizes!

With the desert sun, RV’s, and friends, there are many reasons to love Quartzsite. For more info, click here and we hope to see you there!

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