The Shakedown: Tips for your First RV Trip

RV Driving by Lake

The Shakedown: Tips for your First RV Trip

RV Driving by Lake

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When purchasing a new (or new-to-you!) RV the first thing you’ll want to do is hit the open road for your first trip. You’ve spent months researching rigs, fallen in and out of love with makes and models, and it’s all finally brought you to this moment–the coach is yours! While you certainly don’t want to let your new baby simply rest in the driveway, there are some things you’ll want to be prepared for on your very first trip.


When planning your maiden voyage in your new coach you’ll want to keep two things in mind: first, plan to camp somewhere close to home. This way you’ll be in an area you’re comfortable in should you run into any major issues. Second, plan for a quick weekend getaway–long enough to work out the kinks, but short enough that you’re able to head for the comforts of home in the event that things don’t necessarily go according to plan.

Tips and Tricks

We’re constantly impressed by the tips and tricks that our RVing customers offer up, but we all know that necessity is definitely the mother of invention. A lot of this knowledge is born out of shake down trips, when RVers get their first opportunity to run into problems–and come up with solutions! During this first trip you’ll want to run all of the systems and use all of your appliances multiple times. This will allow you to find any problems, and also realize and work out any operator error. Working with our customers when they’re going to use their extended service contracts has shown us that some of the major “breakdowns” many people experience are actually small errors in the operation of an appliance or RV system. Making sure to use as many of these systems as possible during your first weekend in your new rig will provide you with the experience to be an expert in future situations where you may be much further from home! The best way to deal with breakdowns on your first trip? Make sure you have an RV Warranty from Wholesale Warranties. The pricing for RV Extended Warranty coverage is never cheaper than when you’ve just purchased your RV, and there’s no better feeling than walking away from the hassle of a breakdown having only paid for your low deductible.

Whether you run into problems or experience smooth sailing, your shake down trip is sure to be a memorable one!

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