Sustainable RV Living

Green RVing

Sustainable RV Living

Green RVing

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Each year around Earth Day, and throughout the spring, many RVers focus on making their travels more eco-friendly. RVing is often associated with negative environmental impacts, but with conscious effort, it can be a wonderful way to experience nature while minimizing your footprint. Here are some practical tips to make your RV lifestyle greener:

1. Conserve Water

Water Conservation RVers are naturally inclined to conserve water due to limited storage capacity. Simple changes like taking shorter showers and turning off faucets when not in use can make a significant difference.

Boondocking Boondocking, or dry camping without hookups, encourages water conservation and offers a unique opportunity to get closer to nature. Check with local authorities to ensure that the land is free for public use before you set up camp.

2. Embrace Energy Efficiency

LED Lighting Switching out all of your lights for eco-friendly options like LED lights can extend the life of your house batteries and reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Panels Investing in solar panels allows you to harness energy from the sun, reducing reliance on generators and saving on fuel. This upfront cost can pay off significantly in the long run, both financially and environmentally.

3. Maintain Your RV

Regular Maintenance Keeping your RV well-maintained prevents harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere. Utilize your RV extended warranty for any issues to keep your vehicle running clean and efficient.

4. Clean Up Your Campsite

Leave No Trace Always leave your campsite as clean or cleaner than you found it. This means picking up trash, recycling, and ensuring campfires are properly extinguished. Avoid burning plastics and metals to prevent releasing toxins into the environment.

5. Drive Mindfully

Fuel Efficiency Driving at or just under the speed limit is safer and uses less fuel, reducing your carbon footprint. Take your time on the road, enjoy the journey, and stop to appreciate the beauty of the countryside.

The Top 3 Golden Green Rules of RVing

  1. “Leave your campsite exactly how you found it.” This rule is essential for both RV campground etiquette and environmental preservation. Cleaning up your trash and recyclables and leaving nature untouched helps preserve the environment and is simple, easy, and free.
  2. “Chase the sun!” Adding solar panels to your RV can significantly reduce generator usage, save money on fuel, and conserve natural resources. When installed by a dealer or licensed repair facility, these components may be covered under your extended warranty.
  3. “Stop to smell the roses!” Driving at a moderate speed not only enhances safety but also improves fuel efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint. Enjoy your RV trips with leisurely drives, good company, and the chance to explore beautiful landscapes off the beaten path.


While RVers often get a bad rap for their environmental impact, the truth is that RVing can be quite eco-friendly with the right practices. By conserving water, embracing energy-efficient technologies, maintaining your RV, cleaning up campsites, and driving mindfully, you can enjoy nature responsibly. Make these green practices part of your RV lifestyle to ensure that the beauty of the great outdoors is preserved for future generations. What are your favorite ways to go green during your travels? Share your tips and experiences!

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