End of Year RV Goals

RV in Yosemite

End of Year RV Goals

RV in Yosemite

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Wow, we can’t believe that it’s almost December! We hope your year has been full of RV adventures. There are so many ways to improve and further explore the RV lifestyle, from travel to trying new RV gadgets, and we want to help you make the most of your time on the road. If you’re looking for an exciting RV challenge check out our list of last-minute RV goals for 2015:

Stop at an Unfamiliar Spot

Chances are, you’ve covered tons of miles in your home-on-wheels, and have driven past your fair share of quirky roadside attractions. While it may feel bothersome to stop and explore, the surprises can often outweigh the inconvenience. Take a step out of the normal and take a chance on trying some new things, such as fresh fruits or saltwater taffy at roadside food stands. If food doesn’t catch your eye, there are many interesting attractions across America such as an exhibit, museum, or monument to stop at and snap some memorable pics!

Add an Extra Destination (and do your research!)

If you plan on RVing into the New Year and have a list of specific stops, strive for spontaneity and add in something extra! Do some research on your winter destinations and find some not-so-touristy activities in the surrounding areas. You’d be amazed by what you can find, whether it’s a yummy food stop or a secret waterfall hike, the possibilities are endless!

Make Some RV Friends

If fraternizing with fellow campers isn’t your cup of tea, we encourage you step out of your comfort zone and say hello! Staying at a campsite or RV park is the perfect place to meet others with a shared interest as you, and it can be a great opportunity to pick up new RV tips or “hacks” and hear travel stories!

RV Friends

Start a Travel Journal or Online Blog

The RV community is so large and is continuously growing, and many are sharing their RV lifestyles and adventures with the world! Through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and personal blogsites, RVers are connecting in more ways than one on the internet. Grow in your technology skills and start your own blog! Here is a great post on how to start an RV blog by WheelingIt.

De-Clutter Your RV

This end of year RV goal isn’t as fun or exciting as the rest, but it is necessary! When your RV becomes your home, it’s easy to accumulate a lot of “things”. Rummage through and see what you can get rid of, to start the new year off de-cluttered! Keep in mind that the weight of your RV is a major factor in its safety as well, so tossing unwanted items can also help keep you safe while driving.

Get RV Protection

Last but not least, make achieving Peace of Mind a top goal! As experts in RV protection, we have witnessed real life stories of how RV warranties have come to save the day in the face of highly expensive repair costs. End of year is a prime time to purchase RV protection, since prices go up when January 1st hits. To get more information, click here.

Do you have any RV goals you want to accomplish? Share with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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