12 Perfect Gifts for RVers

12 Perfect RVer Gifts

12 Perfect Gifts for RVers

12 Perfect RVer Gifts

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RVer Gift Guide: 12 Perfect Gifts for the Traveler in your Life

The holidays are upon us once again, and it’s time to step up our game in the gift department. We’ve got you covered for the RV lover on your list! Check out our top 15 gifts for RV travelers, and be sure to share your own ideas in the comments.

Stay Connected

Traveling can be an amazing experience, but it can also be lonely. These gift ideas will help your favorite RVer meet enthusiasts like themselves, all while enjoying what they love most–hitting the road:

Escapees Logo Large Wagon

Escapees RV Club:  The Escapees RV Club has been bringing RVers together for decades, and they’re just getting started! From fun-filled national rallies to local chapters, an online community, RV education, and more, this yearly membership is sure to please the nomad in your life. RVers who are working and/or raising families on the road can also check out the Xscapers club within the club!

RV Mobile Internet Logo

RV Mobile Internet: While half of the fun of life on the road is getting out of dodge and making new friends, the other half is sharing your adventures with your loved ones back home. An RV Mobile Internet membership provides access to resources and tips on the best way to get reliable internet while traveling. There’s also an entire community dedicated to sharing advice on the topic!

Sharing Memories

We’ll let you in on a little secret: when you’re out traveling in an RV seeing amazing sights, and enjoying new experiences, it can be pretty tough to keep that excitement to yourself. These gifts will help your favorite RVer with this struggle:

Cameras, Equipment & Lessons: Not only will these help your RV enthusiast capture their experiences more vividly, it may just open up a whole new hobby for them! Check out this great post from a few of our favorite RV photographers, Mark and Emily Fagan of RoadsLessTraveled, for suggestions on what camera and equipment fit best with life on the road.

Travel Journal: One of the best ways to solidify memories is to write about them! This Camping Journal allows you to do just that, and makes the perfect gift for the storytelling RVer.

Practical Magic

Sometimes the best gifts are simply the most useful ones! These are sure to come in handy for your travel buff:

Tire and Wheel Protection: Having a tire blow-out while traveling is not only stressful, it’s expensive! Give your favorite RVer the gift of peace of mind this holiday season with a Tire and Wheel Protection policy. Ranging from 1 – 7 years, this coverage will step in to pay for the cost of a blown tire due to road hazard, saving your RVer big bucks. Learn more here.

Portable Tool Box: Lightweight, easy to pack away, and filled with useful tools, RVers should never travel without a portable tool box. We love this option for the basics, but if your giftee is particularly handy, you may want to look into individual items they’re missing, like this cordless drill.

Emergency Kit: You never know what’s going to happen while traveling, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. This compact roadside kit contains handy items like a flashlight, air compressor, and jumper cables. You can’t take the unpredictability out of life on the road, but you can make it a bit easier on your favorite traveler.

Keeping it Light

One of the hardest parts about buying gifts for RV travelers is keeping in mind their limited space! Bulky or heavy items just won’t do. So we’ve compiled a few of our favorite options, sans the pounds:

RVing E-Books: The RV community is filled with gifted storytellers, and many of them have written wonderful books about their travels. An e-book is the perfect gift for the active traveler who doesn’t have a bookshelf to weight down! A quick amazon search will garner tons of results, but a few of our favorites include “A Beginner’s Guide to Living in an RV: Everything I Wish I Knew Before Full-Time RVing Across America” by Alyssa Padgett, and “Living the RV Life” by Marc and Julie Bennett. If you prefer a physical book, we can recommend the “RV Travel Planner” by Bryan and Luann Street.

National Park Pass: Give the gift of access to over 2,000 recreation sites across the U.S.! From the Grand Canyon to Zion to the Great Smoky Mountains, the RVer on your list is sure to get ample use out of this thoughtful gift. The best part? The small physical card isn’t likely to effect the average weight of their camper!

Harvest Hosts: Want to offer your favorite RVer a year’s worth of unique and exciting experiences? Look no further than a Harvest Hosts Membership! This package offers RVers access to free camping at over 900 wineries, breweries, farms, and more. This is camping like never before, in beautiful locations with built-in entertainment.


Help the RV lover on your list to show off just that, their love for RVing! These items will allow them to let the world know just how much they love life on the road:

Personalized RV Mat: This unique doormat can be personalized to display the family name, letting everyone know that “Happy Campers” reside within! Easy to clean and move onto the next destination, this gift is perfect for full-timers and weekend warriors alike.

RV T-Shirt: Share your love of RVing with everyone you meet when it’s emblazoned across your chest! There’s a large variety of RV t-shirts to fit every personality, but we’re partial to this “Home is Where You Park It” option.

There you have it, our options for making the RV lover on your holiday gift list a truly happy camper.

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