Viking Protection Plan RV Warranty

Trending Now: the Viking Protection Plan, exclusively offered by Wholesale Warranties, is turning heads in the RV Community!

Wholesale Warranties has been in the RV industry for over a decade, and has used their extensive experience to construct the most comprehensive RV Warranty policy to date: the Viking Protection Plan. 

“To call this a ‘brand new’ program could be a bit misleading,” states Jeff Shelton, owner of Wholesale Warranties. “This program is essentially a rebuild of one of the best RV Warranty programs available. We’ve added features and options that have never been available to consumers previously, which set this policy apart from others on the market. The company that we have teamed up with has been in the Warranty and RV industry for decades, so you can count on this program for great coverage, exclusive features, and financial stability.”

What makes the Viking Protection Plan Unique?

Since most RVers and RV breakdowns occur on the road, this program was designed specifically for the RV owner and active traveler in mind. The program allows policy holders to take their RV to almost any repair facility in the United States and Canada, and pays claims directly to the repair facility via corporate credit card. Added features include meal and lodging benefits, as well as substitute transportation and troubleshooting assistance with RVDA certified technicians! 

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