Exclusionary Towable RV Warranty - Maximum Coverage

Terms and Conditions for Exclusionary Travel Trailer Warranty

Thank you for your interest in securing an extended warranty for your 5th wheel or travel trailer. We are excited to offer you the most comprehensive coverage on the market, which offers great protection for your RV. This RV Warranty policy will provide coverage for all of the most expensive components on your vehicle, including pricey appliances, tricky slides and costly generators. The level of coverage we are providing, the Maximum policy, is considered an “exclusionary contract”. Exclusionary policies will provide you a list of exactly what is NOT covered. If your failure is not on this list, then it will be covered by the policy.

Click below to review the complete contract, including the list of what is not covered in its entirety.

We highly recommend that you review the Towable RV Warranty contract and contact us with any questions or concerns that arise. We are dedicated to educating our customers, and making sure that they feel fully comfortable and confident in their RV Warranty purchase. Please do not hesitate to ask questions–we are here to help!

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