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Mitch Rosich and Valerie Coffey, creators of RVLuckyOrWhat, enjoy full-time RVing in their motorhome, traveling around the country while continuing their careers by working from their home on wheels. After putting 25,000 miles on their new coach the first year on the road, a good extended warranty company was important to them. After careful research, they chose Wholesale Warranties and now are happy to recommend Wholesale Warranties to anyone in need of an extended warranty for their motorhome or travel trailer. We are excited to welcome them to our affiliate family, and we highly recommend following the chronicles of their adventurous life traveling and working on the road via their blog,

About RVLuckyOrWhat, the Mitch and Val “Roadshow”: 

We always dreamed of taking a year to explore the country via RV, but like many people, family and career took priority, and the dream simmered on the back burner for years. But in 2014, our youngest children graduated high school at the same time and chose colleges far away from home in Massachusetts. 

We realized then that not only could we realize our shared dream of traveling via RV for a year, we could leave the long, cold New England winters behind forever. Both of us had developed thriving home businesses, Valerie as a freelance science & technology writer and editor since 2006, and Mitch as a technology and business consultant since 2002. With today’s hotspot mobile broadband technology, we can work from anywhere we have a cell phone signal. 

So we sold our homes, bought a new motorcoach, and hit the road on August 14, 2014. We dropped off our college freshmen at their dorms and began a new life in our “tiny home” on wheels. 

Experienced RVers warned us about a new coach needing a lot of repair and fixing in the first several months. Early on, our adventures in a brand new diesel pusher coach involved an inevitable series of breakdowns, including a frayed ignition wire that stranded us on the side of an interstate in Kentucky on day 5 of our trip. We kept a spreadsheet of issues requiring repair, which in the first six months totaled more than 80 items! 

Because a RV manufacturer’s warranty ceases coverage of many items on the one-year anniversary of the date of purchase, we researched numerous extended warranty options and the companies that offer them as aggressively as we had researched RVs and the RV lifestyle the previous year. After talking with the companies that offered such programs, gathering all the data, crunching the numbers, and reading reviews online about other customer experiences, we decided to purchase our extended warranty from Wholesale Warranties. 

Many people asked Valerie if she would write about our adventures, and of course, being a writer, she couldn’t embark upon such an exciting new life chapter without writing about it. She founded the website and blog at, and established a social media presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, and Trover. 

After two years on the road, we now have over 5,600 followers across numerous social media outlets. We are so impressed with Wholesale Warranties, that we chose them as the first company we wanted to affiliate with our brand. 

About RV Warranty from Wholesale Warranties

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