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Wholesale Warranties is Proud to Endorse Love Your RV

When we seek out companies with which to align our services, we always look for those adding genuine value to the RV industry. We were very lucky to find Ray Burr and, a blog and informational website that certainly fits the blueprint of an ideal RV company. LoveYourRV offers great information for RVers of all levels, and is a wonderful place to turn for the latest tips and tricks.

LoveYourRV founder Ray Burr describes his RV journey below:

Three years ago my wife and I sold our home and bought a brand new fifth wheel trailer. We set off on an amazing one year journey traveling all around the US and Canada. About 3 months into it we knew this was the life for us. We loved the RV lifestyle and have continued it as full timers traveling south in the winters and retreating to the north for the summers. My wife Anne has switched from a career in software development to one that she truly loves as a nomadic landscape photographer. Because of this we seek out and enjoy the most beautiful natural surroundings we can find. With the RV we can immerse ourselves in some breathtaking spots and soak up amazing scenery.

Early on I started a blog as a way of keeping family and friends up to date on our travels. As time went by and we fully embraced our new RVing life the blog grew and I added more and more content that was aimed at helping out other RVers. Today the Love Your RV website contains not only my personal travel blog but also has sections with RV tips, modifications, upgrades and product reviews. My goal is to help other RVers, especially those just getting started, by showing what has worked for me and how I did it. I try to put out the kind of information I would want to see. It really makes me feel good when I get a comment or email for a fellow RVer thanking me for an article or video that is really helped them.

I’ve recently started a sister site to called RV Happy Hour is a social community where RVers can meet and mingle, sort of a virtual online happy hour. It’s been a lot of fun making new friends, helping each other out, chatting and swapping our RVing stories. That has been one of the most surprising things about the RV life, how social it is. I’ve made more friends and connections in the last few years than the previous twenty. We may lead a nomadic life but definitely not a lonely one.

During my online research and speaking with other RV folks I became aware of WholesaleWarranties. Out of all the companies out there they had the best reputation for service and supplying a reasonably price warranty. I’m a firm believer in getting an extended warranty for the RV. I’ve talked to other full-timers with many more years of experience than I and they all swear by them. I only promote and affiliate myself with products I really believe in.

WholesaleWarranties is one such product and I’m happy to recommend them to anyone looking for good value and friendly service.

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