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I (Becky) was born and raised in mid-Missouri on a lake which was a large tourist area. I lived there, or within an hour of there, until 1987 when I was the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Jim, who was originally from St. Joseph, Missouri and worked as a radio personality in several major markets, moved to the area to manage the radio station. The rest, they say, is history. We were married in 1987 and have lived in many places, but as the Texas bumper sticker says “I wasn’t born here but I got here as fast as I could”. We actually moved to Texas to get closer to our kids and grandkids! Even though we travel at least six months a year, Texas continues to be our state of domicile.

In 2009 Jim and I were looking to buy a bigger house to have room for when the family all visited. Instead we sold our house and bought a motorhome. Jim was retired and I was in a job from hell and we just decided to go for it. Our only prior “camping” experience was a fifth wheel which Jim never could learn to back (or it might have been my directions). We had planned on full-timing in the fifth wheel when we retired, however, we had sold it. The search started and we purchased an Alfa Class A Diesel Pusher. We have been full-time since 2009 and love it! Jim has no trouble backing it in! We have added solar and like to “boondock”.

I (Becky) still work part-time, on the road, for a non-profit. I need to be in Dallas 3-4 times a year for meetings. We share places to stay (free & cheap), sites to see, restaurants, our travel must-haves and more.

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