Rhode Island RV Travel Destinations

RV Warranties for Rhode Island

America’s smallest state is nothing short of incredible; Rhode Island provides visitors with a myriad of options for fun, making it the perfect East Coast destination. RV owners can take the scenic drive up to the very northeast corner of the U.S. and experience all that is Rhode Island. No road trip would be complete without a preventative RV warranty, and make sure to have some fun along the way!

The New England state has quaint towns, over 400 miles of coastline, and numerous ways to enjoy the sights; either by foot, bike, or sail. The state’s largest city, Providence, is a great place to start when visiting Rhode Island. It is one of the country’s oldest cities and has incredible architecture, streetscapes, and a scenic river-walk to enjoy.  Providence, along with the majority of Rhode Island, has gorgeous beaches that attract visitors each year. Beach lovers can flock to Narragansett, a city packed with entertaining beach villages. When not enjoying the gorgeous beaches, visitors can view the different historic lighthouses, drive along waterfront roads, or have authentic New England Cuisine. Near the Narragansett Bay is the city of East Greenwich, with rich history and a charming main street perfect for shopping and dining.

To experience more Rhode Island history, RV owners can travel to the city of Pawtucket, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and home to Samuel Slater. The Slater Mill Historic Site is a great place to take in this history, dating back to 1793. History fanatics can continue the journey on the Rhode Island Cultural Mile, a stretch of over 30 historic sites and five centuries of history. Aside from the beach and historic urban areas, Rhode Island has much nature to enjoy. Inland from the beaches are calming woods, ponds, and wetlands. These areas provide great opportunities for birding, biking, or a nice nature hike. Rhode Island, although small, is packed with beauty and historic charm, and all can be seen with the help of a warranty covered RV.

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