Oregon RV Travel Destinations

RV Warranties for Pacific Northwest RVer’s

The Pacific Northwest region is full of incredible terrain, views, and exciting cities, and Oregon is the place to see it all. RV owners have more than enough options to choose from when visiting Oregon, with lush forests, high desert, and the rugged Pacific coastline. The Pacific Northwest has much to see, and RVers can have peace of mind with an RV warranty during their Oregon travels.

One of the best ways to enjoy an RV is taking a coastal drive, and it is guaranteed to be incredible in Oregon. The best way to get around is by using Highway 101. The scenic highway runs right on the coast as well as through main streets of quaint beach towns. A popular destination on this drive is the city of Cannon Beach which has Haystack Rock, perfect for photo ops. For a more forest oriented adventure, most of inland Oregon is equipped with lush forests and breathtaking views. The Cascade Mountains is a great place to experience this, with incredible peaks like Mount Rainer and Mountain Hood, the state’s highest mountain. The region also has Crater Lake National Park, formed from a collapsed volcano and known for its stunning blue water. Cutting through the mountain range is the Columbia River Gorge, filled with rocky cliffs and numerous waterfalls, including the well-visited Multnomah Falls. For more wide open spaces, Eastern Oregon has both grand mountains and desert. The region has great history with ghost towns, ancient fossils, and the Oregon Trail. A great desert feature to see is Hell’s Canyon, the deepest river gorge in North America.

Oregon is not only full of great nature, but charming towns and bigger cities as well. Portland, the state capital, is easy to explore by foot or by the helpful public transportation. The progressive city has a large art scene and charming neighborhoods to enjoy. The second largest city, Eugene, is home to the University of Oregon and is in close proximity to the Willametette Valley. Wine lovers will thrive in Oregon’s wine country and enjoy the different wineries and events. The Valley is also home to a number of spectacular sites, like Table Rock Wilderness and Silver Falls State Park. With all of the incredible things Oregon has to offer, it is no question that RV owners would take a trip to the Pacific Northwest. Whether it’s the coast or the mountains, a road trip wouldn’t be complete without an extended RV warranty.

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