Illinois RV Travel Destinations

RV Warranties for Route 66 Explorers in Illinois

Illinois attracts many of our motorhome warranty customers every year due to its wide variety of sights and attractions. Visitors have the opportunity to explore large metropolitan cities like Chicago, or stroll through the small, quaint towns of Illinois. Illinois offers plenty of scenic routes that will take visitors from one attraction to another and features over 40 free boondocking sites interspersed throughout the state. While traveling, be sure to stop and take in the soothing beauty that the state has to offer. Driving through the tranquil prairie lands will affirm your decision to visit the Prairie State!

One particularly famous scenic route is found along Route 66. Route 66 is a long freeway that stretches from the Southern tip of California all the way to North Eastern tip of Illinois and has tons of attractions along the stretch. In Illinois, Route 66 features a plethora of roadside attractions, museums and restaurants and has plenty of RV repair facilities along the way in case you need to use your RV extended warranty. Route 66 will take you through many various historic areas, two of which give Illinois its secondary nickname as the Lincoln State. Former President Abraham Lincoln spent much of his life in the state of Illinois and claimed it as his final resting place. His house is available for guided tours and has been fully restored for historical purposes. Honest Abe’s tomb is also available for guided tours and features a giant bronze bust of Mr. Lincoln’s head. Legend has it that if your rub his nose, it will actually bring you good luck! However, you won’t need luck if you’ve got a comprehensive RV Warranty to take care of any mechanical issues you might face along the way.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy the great outdoors, Illinois will be the perfect place for you! Places like the Meeting of the Great Rivers National Byway attract thousands of tourists every year as it is the meeting place of the great Missouri, Illinois, and Mississippi rivers. The convergence of these rivers creates a 35,000 acre flood plain that is sure to leave you in awe. Two major lakes, Lake Michigan and Lake Rend, call Illinois their home. These lakes provide the perfect place to go out and enjoy Mother Nature. These lakes are popular with RVers as they provide plenty of fishing, boating, watersports, and wildlife watching.

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