Auto Exclusionary Service Contract

Exclusionary Vehicle Service Contract

Automobiles and trucks are a lot more complicated than they used to be. With hybrid engines, super-powered trucks, and complicated computer systems, the need for vehicle service contract is higher than ever. Most of us count heavily on our personal autos for everyday transportation. Even our RV extended warranty customers rely on their trucks to pull their trailers, or their toads to get around once they’ve arrived at a campsite. The most comprehensive type of auto service contract on the market is called an exclusionary policy, which lists exactly what is not covered, so you can be confident that every other mechanical component on your auto is safeguarded from repair bill costs!

Examples of items that would not be covered by a typical vehicle service contract are as follows: Carburetor; battery; batter pack; shock absorbers; manual transmission clutch assembly; friction clutch disc and pressure plate; throwout bearing; manual and hydraulic linkages; distributor cap and rotor; safety restraint systems (including air bags); weather strips; all trim, moldings, handles, knobs or dials; bright metal; wheels/rims; chrome; upholstery and carpet; paint; outside ornamentation; bumpers; body sheet metal; shop supply charges; EPA disposal fees; storage fees; filters, lubricants, coolants, fluids and refrigerants; maintenance services and parts; spark plugs and spark plug wires; glow plugs; hoses; drive belts; brake pads, linings, shoes, drums and rotors; wiper blades; custom or non-manufacturer installed add-ons; trailer hitches; loss of time, profit, inconvenience.

To receive a quote on an auto or truck service contract please contact our offices! An auto specialist will be happy to draw up a quote, and go over your many options with you. Don’t let repair bills bring your life to halt! Get back on the road with a vehicle service contract today!