Auto Listed Component Service Contract

Auto Listed Component Vehicle Service Contract

The most affordable auto coverage option is to choose what is called a listed component policy. This type of vehicle service contract names the specific component groups on your car or truck that would be covered. These are typically the most expensive items to repair, so this type of auto policy is a great way to safeguard yourself from pricey breakdowns.

Almost every household has a car–most of them two–and when they break down it can be a huge financial burden. With one of our vehicle service contracts, you will have the peace of mind that in the event of a mechanical failure of your trusted car or truck, you will only be responsible for one low deductible. There will be no cost to you for any authorized repairs covered by your contract! Typical items covered under a listed component auto service contract include your engine, transmission, transfer case, electrical, and more. Request a FREE Quote for more detailed information on an auto service contract that fits your budget.