Storm Safety Tips for RV Owners


Storm Safety Tips for RV Owners


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September is National Preparedness Month, and it only seems appropriate to provide some tips and guidelines helpful to the RV lifestyle. Weather can often times be unpredictable and if you do your part to be prepared, both you and your RV can be in a safer situation. Thunder and lightning storms, tornados, hurricanes, and even wildfires are all possible things RVers could stumble upon in their camping adventures. Here are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with severe weather in an RV:

Be Mindful When Planning

When planning your seasonal trips or full-timing routes, keep in mind the weather patterns of certain areas. For instance, you wouldn’t want to plan a Route 66 trip in the middle of tornado season. Ensure happy travels by picking prime weather visiting times for each of your destinations.

Have Insurance

While you most likely have at least liability insurance, it may be a good idea to consider getting higher coverage in case of any unforeseen weather. Also keep in mind that the warranties we offer only cover mechanical failures and would not be of use in a weather related accident.

Be Prepared

Always be prepared by having enough potable water and canned foods in your home on wheels. Another preparation item to have is a weather alert radio, specifically battery powered, to connect you to radio stations broadcasting weather alerts. This is something you can always rely on regardless of loss of service, but for less dire situations you can utilize the many weather apps on your smart phone. A few apps to consider include the AccuWeather app, NOAA Weather Alert app, and the FEMA mobile app.

Have an Emergency Plan

If you are staying in an area that has any threat of severe weather, it can pay off to have an emergency plan in place. At your campground, identify where you can retreat to if you have to leave your RV, such as an onsite restroom or other building. Have an emergency kit handy, with any needed medicines, water, food, flashlights, and even your weather alert radio to keep with you. If there is any chance of flooding or extreme weather, make sure your RV is in a safe place.

Severe Weather on the Road

It is highly important that you stay safe on the road at all times, especially when extra weather elements are in play. Strong winds, heavy rain and other serious weather can put you and your RV in danger, so know when to pull over. Driving through deep water could damage your engine and high winds can make driving very dangerous, therefore do your very best to be prepared, and never force a long drive in inhospitable conditions.

We hope you found these RV safety tips helpful and wish you safe travels during the stormy months!

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