Harvest Hosts Helps Its Members See More and Save Money Too

Harvest Host

Harvest Hosts Helps Its Members See More and Save Money Too

Harvest Host

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Ever wanted to see North America but you were too worried about your budget? Harvest Hosts helps connect its Members to small businesses across North America.

What Is Harvest Hosts and Why You’ll Want It

Harvest Hosts is the largest, most fun RV camping membership on the market today. Members with self-contained RVs have unlimited overnight stays at unique destinations.

Harvest Hosts is one of the fastest growing companies in the country, and has seen rapid growth because of how they are doing business. They have figured out a way to connect local small businesses—the backbone of America—with the RV community, which includes some of the best people in North America. By literally driving traffic to these small businesses, it is not only helping them, but it’s helping the RV community not need to stay in littered parking lots and exhaust-filled rest areas.

There are so many reasons to get a Harvest Hosts Membership, but we’re going to tell you about the top three.

1. Access to the Best RV Spots Across North America

Harvest Hosts Map

With the All-Access Plan, you will have access to 7,000+ locations all over North America. You will be able to connect with local businesses and private residences as far north as Alaska, and as far south as La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

2. Most Unique RV Stays You Can Have


Wake Up Next to a Rooster Crowing

Now we aren’t saying a rooster is going to wake you up—but there is a chance. Harvest Hosts has connected with some of the most unique and beautiful farms across North America. At these farms, you will have plenty of opportunities to see farm animals too.

If you and your kids—or kids at heart—love animals, you can’t go wrong with Harvest Hosts. You’ll see alpacas, pigs, llamas, cows, horses, chickens, and so much more. Any time you have farm animals, you’ll always be entertained.

And it isn’t just farms with animals either. There are u-pick flower farms, lavender farms, pecan farms, and plenty of others too. If you’ve ever felt like you wanted a closer look at what life looks like outside of suburban or urban life, you can’t get any closer than going for a walk on the farm.

You Might Discover New Wine Countries

There are over 1,300 different wines, distilleries, and breweries for you to stay overnight at with the Harvest Hosts All Access Plan. You might not realize how many areas have unique regions for growing wine—it isn’t all in California. There are regions in New York, Ohio, Missouri, and plenty of other locations too. Plus, Harvest Hosts is in the process of creating a Craft Brew Trail for its Members to partake.

More to Discover with Harvest Hosts All Access Plan

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Harvest Hosts All Access Plan. There are 400+ golf courses, coworking spaces, and many, many more attractions scattered all over North America.

3. Harvest Hosts All Access Bonus Features

Along with the 7,000+ locations, you’ll be rewarded with added bonus features. Harvest Hosts has developed partnerships with other industry-leading businesses that have led to some great discounts for its Members. These businesses will help you care for your pets while on the road, add extra protection to your RV, and even provide exclusive deals to help keep you connected to the internet on the road.

Plus, they have tools that will make planning your road trips easier too. With several map overlays—with cell phone maps—that will help you understand what to expect in different regions. By utilizing these tools, you can know in advance if you’ll have cell reception. You can track weather in your camping area. You can even plan dump stations, potable water stations, and more with Harvest Hosts integrated tools.

Too Much to Love With Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts Couple

There are just too many things to list here. But one of the best parts is how affordable it is. You’d probably think a membership like this would cost hundreds of dollars—and it probably should—but it doesn’t.

For the cost of three to four stays at a typical campground, you can get your own Harvest Hosts All Access Membership. That means a full year of camping at 7,000+ of the best locations in North America for less than a long weekend of camping. Like we said, there is too much to love with this membership.

So stop wasting money, and stop wasting nights in those littered parking lots and exhaust-filled rest areas. Get your All Access Membership today, and start traveling tomorrow!

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