Exclusionary vs Listed Component RV Warranties

Exclusionary v Listed Component

Exclusionary vs Listed Component RV Warranties

Exclusionary v Listed Component

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Before you decide to purchase an RV extended warranty, you should first consider your options. There are two main types of extended service contracts: exclusionary warranties and listed component RV warranties. Coverage is the most important aspect in choosing a plan. For the sake of customization and budget accommodation, there are varying levels of coverage. Wholesale Warranties is here to educate you so that you can confidently make an informed financial decision when it comes to protecting your RV travel budget.

But first, what is an extended RV warranty? An extended warranty is a contract intended to protect you from hefty repair costs. How do they work? Basically, if your RV suffers an unexpected breakdown or mechanical failure, you will need to file a claim with your policy administrator. First, you will bring your RV to a repair service provider for a proper diagnosis. Then, your policy administrator will review your claim to grant or deny pre-authorization. Obtaining pre-authorization first is essential, as you need to complete this step prior to repairs. Upon approval, you will pay a single per-visit deductible, even if your RV has experienced multiple failures. Then, your provider will file your claim and pay the repair bill for any covered components.

All RV extended warranties serve the same basic purpose, but you have more individualized options when it comes to buying a policy! There are two main types of extended warranty: exclusionary warranties and listed component warranties. Wholesale Warranties offers both options, alongside coach only and powertrain plans. So, which one should you choose? We’re here to help you decide which plan is right for you and your RV lifestyle.

Exclusionary RV Warranties

Exclusionary extended RV warranties offer the highest available level of coverage, maximizing repair cost savings and guaranteeing a wide range of protection. These warranty policies cover everything that is not specifically written in the list of exclusions. Some of the items that aren’t covered are maintenance items, physical damages, pre-existing conditions, and aesthetic components, such as paint and fabric. If the damaged part is not included in the exclusions, then it’s covered!

So, who should get an exclusionary RV warranty? Exclusionary plans are ideal for the traveler who doesn’t want to take any unnecessary risks. They’re also a great fit for those whose rigs boast bells and whistles, like luxury appliances, solar panels, and more. Because these plans offer greater coverage, they cost more than the listed component plans. However, even though you will be paying a bit more, you will be ensuring you have the best possible protection for your RV travel budget. Ensure you’re checking in with your own desired level of risk before committing to a plan!

Listed Component RV Warranties

Listed component extended RV warranty contracts, also known as comprehensive warranties, explicitly list each covered component. Although they don’t offer as wide a range of coverage as exclusionary policies, listed component plans still encompass all major mechanical components. These include some of the most common—and most expensive—RV repairs.

For a more affordable price, you will be securing protection for your engine, transmission, fridge, air conditioning system, water system, electrical system, and other major mechanical parts. These plans are great for those who are more cost-conscious. However, they still have the potential to save you hundreds on repair bills. With third-party brokers such as Wholesale Warranties, you will likely have the option to include add-ons to your contract for a more individualized plan.

Just knowing that you have options can help make the RV and warranty buying process feel so much easier. If you want more information about what specifically is and isn’t covered by our available warranty plans, feel free to give us a call at 800.939.2806 to speak with one of our knowledgeable warranty specialists.

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