How to Document Your RV Travels the Right Way

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How to Document Your RV Travels the Right Way

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Warmer temps are sending many Americans across the U.S. on explorations of the most gorgeous sights and all of the small towns in between. Many adventures are to be had when you’re an RVer, and with the investment you’ve made in your motorhome, those memories should be captured and captured well. In this blog we will provide you with some easy pointers to “get the shot” and hold on to those picturesque RV moments for a lifetime.

Tip #1: Choose Your Gear

Your choice of camera all depends on what you want to get out of your photos. You can start with a simple digital camera, starting at under $100, and this will give you the freedom to take many photos and upload them to a computer. The next step up would be a DSLR camera, which will give you the versatility of using different lenses and higher overall quality with numerous settings. For a more creative or even simple approach, you could add a polaroid camera into the mix. New instant cameras are designed to be sleek and user-friendly, giving you immediate printed photos without having to make a pit stop to get photos processed.

Tip #2: Get Familiar with Your Camera Settings

Once you’ve chosen the right camera for your RV travels, don’t dive into snapping photos just yet. Take time to read the camera booklet and instructions to understand how the settings on your camera work. If going with a DSLR, settings become much more complicated with mastering focus, shutter speed, ISO, and so forth. Luckily, your DSLR camera will come with an auto function that will take care of those features for you.

Tip #3: Know the Basics

To get the most out of your photos, it’s important to invest some time in learning the basics of photography. An easy point to learn is the rule of thirds, which is simply not having your subject centered to achieve better composition. This is a rule that should be applied no matter the camera you choose, even when using your cell phone.

Tip #4: No Flash, No Problem

A common misconception about photo taking is that flash should be used at all times. Chances are, most of your photo ops will occur during the daytime so turn that flash off! This will give a more realistic and natural look to your photos.

Tip #5: Do Your Research

Photo by Amusing Ranch

If you’re the type of RVer who likes to have a plan, we can assume that you have an idea of the places you’re heading. During your research of destinations and routes, spend a little extra time finding popular photo spots, as they may be a little less obvious than the typical tourist shot.

Consider taking a deep dive with an online photography guide. Try to find one that details the path toward realizing your photography goals.

Tip #6: Extra Purchases

Keep in mind that your photography purchases don’t just stop at the camera. It is very important to make sure you have memory cards that align with the amount of photos you take and that you have a way to back up those photos. This can be approached by having multiple cards, extra space on your laptop computer, or by purchasing an external hard drive. Other additional purchases to enhance your photography lifestyle would be a protective camera bag or case and tripod to capture time lapses or photos of you and your RVing friends!

We hope you found these RV photography tips helpful and feel inspired to start documenting your RV travels! With a home on wheels, you are embarking on the journey of a lifetime, so capture it well! Do you have any awesome photos you would like to share with us? Post them to our Facebook and let’s start the conversation!

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