Auto Service Contract Coverage

Vehicle Service Contracts for Your Car, Truck or SUV

Most of us use our autos or trucks every single day. Whether you are driving a long commute to and from work, taking your kids from school to soccer practice and back, or even just traveling long distances to see the country or visit family, there’s no doubt that it’s easy to pack on the mileage. When you use a vehicle as often as most of us use our autos and trucks, it’s not really a shock that breakdowns are both highly likely and highly costly. Daily use of your vehicle can eventually cause regular mechanical breakdowns, and the cost of auto parts and auto repair labor is only going up. The repair bills for these breakdowns can often reach shocking heights, and most car owners don’t realize that they can protect themselves from the financial burden of auto repair bills!

We rely on our autos every single day. What will you do if a costly repair bill leaves you without your car or truck?

You don’t have to find out! When you secure a comprehensive auto service contract, you will be covered for the repair costs of the most common mechanical failures your car or truck might face. Imagine leaving your auto repair facility having only paid one low deductible, while your vehicle service contracts picks up the rest of the approved repair bill! At Wholesale Warranties, we’re dedicated to providing reliable coverage for all types of vehicles, and autos are no exception. Our vehicle service policies will get you back on the road in no time.

Auto Service Contract Options

There are a wide variety of auto and truck service policies available, ranging from comprehensive coverage to component coverage for those particularly expensive potential failures. Modern cars and trucks are constantly changing, and from hybrids to HEMI’s you don’t want to get caught with a mechanical failure you don’t understand, let alone can’t afford! A vehicle service contract allows you to work with a highly trained auto claims specialist who will be able to detect proper labor rates, times, and part costs, meaning you won’t get overcharged for a repair, or swindled into fixing something that isn’t broken.

Request your free Auto Service Contract today, and work with an auto specialist to find the right coverage for you, at the right price.

One of our auto extended service contract specialists will be able to take your specific vehicle information and find you a policy that will offer peace of mind each and every time you take a seat behind the wheel.

You never know where life will take you, but it’s safe to assume that you’ll need your car to get there. That’s why all of our vehicle service contracts are valid in the United States and Canada, and can be used at any licensed repair facility. Whether you’re traveling far away from home, or find yourself broken down inside of your own neighborhood, our auto coverage has you covered. Don’t let repair bills slow you down, or empty your wallet. Request a no-strings-attached quote for an auto or truck extended service contract today, and be covered by the time you hit the road tomorrow!