NorthStar Diamond Exclusionary Coverage

Your Exclusionary RV Extended Warranty Details

The RV Warranty option that I am recommending for your motorhome is a top-of-the-line policy with the most extensive coverage on the market. This is an exclusionary policy, meaning that you will want to pay close attention the “What is Not Covered” section of the contract. With an exclusionary RV Warranty, only those items specifically listed in the “What is Not Covered” section will be excluded. Simply put, if your mechanical breakdown is not a part or condition listed as NOT covered, it will be covered! We highly recommend this type of policy to customers who want to take on very little risk when paying for RV Repairs.

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Exclusive Program Benefits

Guaranteed Coverage – This warranty is guaranteed to be there for when you need it most, and is backed by Dealers Assurance Company, an AM Best A Rated Insurance Carrier!

Nationwide Coverage –Claims are made by simply calling a TOLL FREE number and once authorized will be paid to any Dealer or Licensed repair facility in the Continental United States and Canada via Corporate Credit Card.

Transferable/Cancelable – If you were to sell this unit you would be able to transfer the warranty to the new owner as part of this sale, making your unit more appealing and valuable to possible buyers. If you wish to cancel the contract at any time you will receive a pro-rated refund.

Towing, Technical Assistance, Roadside Assistance, Meals and Lodging Reimbursement, and more! Visit the Benefits section of the contract for more details.

Motorhome Coverage Details

  1. ENGINE: All internally lubricated engine parts including: pistons, piston rings, piston pins, crankshaft and main bearings, connecting rods and bearings, camshaft and bearings, timing chain or belt, timing gears, tensioners/guides, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, valve guides, oil pump and oil pump housing, push rods, rocker arms, rocker arm shafts, hydraulic and solid lifters; intake & exhaust manifold; distributor shaft and housing; harmonic balancer; metal valve covers; timing gear cover; air filter and housing; water pump; fuel pump; vacuum pump; thermostatically controlled air intake; oil pan; engine block and heads*.
  2. TRANSMISSION: All internally lubricated parts; torque converter; vacuum modulator; mounts; covers, pans and cases*. DRIVE AXLE: All internally lubricated parts; “U” joints; propeller shafts; CV/Tripod joints; differential case*.
  3. SUSPENSION (FRONT AND REAR): MacPherson struts (excluding replaceable cartridge); strut bar and bushing; upper and lower control arms, shafts and bushings; upper and lower ball joints; steering knuckles; wheel bearings; stabilizer shaft, linkage and bushings; kingpin and bushing; torsion bars; spindle and spindle supports; coil and leaf springs; shackles and shackle bushings; height sensor; compressor; lines and bags; rubber suspension systems; air dryer.
  4. STEERING: All internally lubricated parts of the steering gear box; rack and pinion gear; power steering pump; main and intermediate steering column shafts and couplings; cooler and cooler lines; power cylinder; Pitman arm; idler arm; tie rod and tie rod ends; steering damper; center link; drag link; control valve and cylinder; tilt/telescoping steering assembly; gear housing*.
  5. AIR CONDITIONING: Compressor; compressor mounting brackets; clutch; clutch pulley; clutch coils; condenser; evaporator; POA valve; expansion valve; suction valve; accumulator; orifice tube; temperature control programmer; power module; idler pulley and bearing; receiver-drier; blower motor; blower motor fan; high/low cut off switches; pressure cycling switch; ducts and outlet hoses.
  6. BRAKES: Master cylinder; power assist booster; wheel cylinders; combination valves; equalizer valve; hydraulic control unit; brake pedal assembly; hydraulic lines and fittings; disc calipers; power brake cylinder; backing plates; clips, springs and retainers; self-adjusters; parking brake linkage and cables; rear actuators.
  7. ELECTRICAL: Starter; alternator; voltage regulator; distributor; wiring harness; solenoid; relays; coils; manually operated switches; front and rear wiper motors; gauges; window motors and controls; power antenna and motors; seat motors; power door locks; cruise control transducers, engagement switch and servo; turn signal switch; horn; horn switches; remote control mirror motors; remote control spotlight system; dashboard clock; dual battery paralleling switch; back-up alarm; window defrosters.
  8. ELECTRONICS: Fuel injection sensors, control module and injectors; electronic ignition module; electronic anti-detonation sensors and controller; electronic driver information display and module; electronic mixture control unit and sensors; electronic anti-lock brake system (ABS); relays.
  9. HEATING/COOLING: Water pump including impeller shaft, bearings and bushings; radiator; radiator brackets; engine thermostat; heater core; fan; fan clutch; fan motor and controller module; coolant recovery unit; fan shroud; electric block heater; heater ducts and cabins.
  10. FUEL DELIVERY: Fuel pump; fuel tanks; metal fuel lines; metal fittings; fuel pressure regulator; fuel distributor; fuel injection pump; fuel injectors (except for contamination); vacuum assist booster pump; auxiliary tank switch.
  11. CHASSIS FRAME: Metal only
  12. INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR: Hood hinges; hood latches; hood gas cylinders; hood springs; door handles; door hinges; seat tracks; courtesy map light assembly; glove box door and hinges; glove box lock; shift lever.
  13. SEALS AND GASKETS – NEW/EXTENDED ELIGIBILITY UNITS ONLY: Coverage for aforementioned components.
  14. WATER HEATER: Burner assembly tank; thermostat; thermo coupler; gas valve; heating elements; fittings; connections; electronic ignition assembly; wiring harness; control panel; switches; PC board.
  15. WASTE SYSTEM: Shower; toilet; sink(s); holding tanks; gate valves; fittings; connections.
  16. FRESH WATER SYSTEM: Water pump; compressor; water tank; water lines; traps; fittings; connections; faucets
  17. AIR CONDITIONING (Roof mounted 110V or central): Compressor; condenser; evaporator; accumulator; expansion valve; capacitators; relays; thermostat; heat strips; heat pump; control panel; switches; receiver-drier; blower motor fans; fan motor; fans; bathroom vent motor; high/low cut off switch; pressure cycling switch; electronic module; ducts; ductwork.
  18. RANGE AND OVEN: Burner assembly; thermostat; thermo coupler; burner valves; microwave oven; convection oven; power hood; fittings; connections; ignition assembly; PC board.
  19. L.P. GAS/PROPANE SYSTEM: Regulators; gas bottles (except valves and gauges); mounting brackets; pigtails; gas lines; fittings; connections; automatic shut-off system.
  20. HEATING SYSTEM: Furnace igniter; burner assembly; thermo coupler; gas valve; thermostat; blower motor; heat pump; heat strips; fan motor; fans; fittings; connections; ducts; ductwork; PC board.
  21. REFRIGERATOR: Thermostat; thermo coupler; 2 or 3-way cooling unit; burner assembly; igniter; controlpanel; switches; fittings; connections; PCboard.
  22. AUXILIARY POWERPLANT/GENERATOR – Factory Installed, or Factory Approved Dealer Installed: All internally lubricated parts of the power plant engine; starter; switches; hour meter; voltage regulator; power converter; inverter; PC boards; interior monitor/control panel; generator assembly; cylinder block and head if damaged by the Failure of an internally lubricated part.
  23. POWER STEP COVERAGE: Power step motor and power step control module; interior monitor/control panel.
  24. AUDIO SYSTEM – Factory Installed, or Factory Approved Dealer Installed: The following non-in dash components: stereo receiver; compact disc player; cassette player (excluding speakers).
  25. AWNING MOTOR – Factory Installed, or Factory Approved Dealer Installed.
  26. SLIDE-OUT BOOT – Factory Installed, or Factory Approved Dealer Installed.
  27. SEALS AND GASKETS – NEW/EXTENDED ELIGIBILITY UNITS ONLY: Coverage for aforementioned components. *If damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated moving part.
  28. LUXURY COMPONENT COVERAGE – Rear monitor system; ice maker; trash compactor; central vacuum cleaner system; washer/dryer (excluding belts & hoses); dishwasher; in-sink disposal; freezer; external barbecue; kitchen center, if factory installed, or if dealer installed and meets all manufacturer’s specifications; electronic entrance system; remote electronic entrance system; factory installed thermometer; factory installed compass; computer dash printed circuit boards; central locking system; factory installed anti-theft system; power seat computer; television set(s) (42” or less, excluding plasma screen); TV antenna motors; VCR/VCP/DVD player; Satellite System (receiver and dish only).
  29. DIESEL ENGINE PACKAGE – Front or Rear: Engine: All covered engine parts shown under “Engine” component plus fuel injectors (except for contamination); fuel injection pump; fuel heater. Turbocharger: All internally lubricated parts contained within the turbocharger housing, waste gate and intercooler. Turbocharger housing is covered if damaged due to the Failure of an internally lubricated moving part. Air Brakes: Compressor; diaphragm; treadle; disc caliper; compensating valve; slack adjusters.
  30. AIR BRAKES – Gasoline Powered Units Only: Compressor; diaphragm; treadle; disc caliper; compensating valve; slack adjusters.
  31. LEVELING SYSTEM (HYDRAULIC/ELECTRIC) – Factory Installed, or Factory Approved Dealer Installed: Motor; hydraulic/electric pump; actuators; jack assembly; lines; fittings; cylinders; electric motor; worm gear; gears; electric switch; wiring harness.
  32. SLIDE-OUT ROOM(S) – Factory Installed, or Factory Approved Dealer Installed: Motor; hydraulic/electric pump; actuators; lines; fittings; cylinders; electric motor; worm gear; gears; electric switch; wiring harness.
  33. SEALS AND GASKETS – Used Units: Coverage for aforementioned components.

What is Not Covered

Exclusions include but are not limited to:

Awning material, frame, structural damage, adjustments, bedding, bumpers, carpet, satellite and telephone wiring, counter tops, doors, flooring, and furniture.

Any losses resulting from collision or upset, road hazards, fire, arson, earthquake, windstorm, ice, hail, flood, contact with an animal, breakage of glass, acts of war, rebellion, or revolution, corrosion, rust, deterioration, and condensation.

Cosmetic damage or cosmetic related repairs (scratches, nicks, dents or tear).

Additional Options: Please refer to your quote e-mail to see if these coverages are included in your pricing*

  • CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGE: COVERED PART CAUSE OF LOSS – In the event a Failure occurs to a non-covered part under this Contract due to the Failure of a covered part, the non-covered part will be repaired (as an exception to the standard exclusion). NON-COVERED PART CAUSE OF LOSS – In the event a Failure occurs to a covered part under this Contract due to the Failure of a non-covered part, the covered part will be repaired (as an exception to the standard exclusion).
  • FLAT PANEL: Television set(s) up to 72” ($4,000 maximum limit of total liability, maximum 4 sets).
  • COMMERCIAL USE (NEW Units Only): only means daily, weekly, or monthly rentals; short term (12 months or less) lease; or primarily used for business purposes by a single drive; e.g. a traveling salesperson. Coverage does not include taxi, shuttle, delivery services, principally used off-road, or hauling.

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