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With our comprehensive programs:

RV Warranty Protection

Our Top-Rated RV Extended Warranties are backed by an A Rated or better Insurance Carrier, so you can count on coverage to be there for you when you need it most.

RV Roadside Assistance

Don’t hit the road without reliable RV Roadside Assistance! Unlimited RV Towing, Flat Tire Assistance, Lockout Services and more are just a phone call away.

Auto Extended Warranties

You count on your auto everyday, now count on our Auto Warranty experts to help you find the right level of coverage for your car or truck. 

Why Choose Wholesale Warranties?

At Wholesale Warranties, we understand the unique needs of RV owners. With reliable RV extended warranties customized for you, we’re here to make your adventures easy, memorable, and stress-free.

Nationwide Repair Flexibility

Repair your RV at any shop across the US or Canada.

Hassle-Free Claims

Enjoy a seamless claims process supported by our in-house team.

Customized Coverage

Choose from a variety of coverage options tailored to your specific needs.

Peace of Mind Protection

Benefit from consequential damage coverage for ultimate peace of mind.

Instant Coverage

Start your coverage immediately with no waiting period, thanks to our pre-purchase inspection.

Expert Customer Service

Access top-rated customer service from industry experts dedicated to your satisfaction.

Tire and Wheel Protection

Safeguards you from incurring the costs of a blown tires or resulting rim damage

Mobile Mechanic

Start your coverage immediately with no waiting period, thanks to our pre-purchase inspection.

RV Roadside Assistance

Covers repair bills & 24/7/365 access to towing, lockout, and countless other RV roadside assistance benefits

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20:19 11 Jul 24
Please avoid never got a claim through keep your money. Avoid this company.
Ali SAli S
21:27 21 Jun 24
Pretty awesome experience with Wholesale Warranties when it came to claims and customer support. I am happy that I got great company to back me up... when something unexpected happens!The plan I have is Viking Protection Plan and I believe that’s all I need for the next 4 years!!!!Proud owner of 2022 Thor Windsport more
Rick & Anne ArndtRick & Anne Arndt
14:16 16 Jun 24
Michael Contreras has been diligent in keeping me up to date with our renewal. This will be our 2nd 4year contract purchased through WW and we have... been very happy with the more
Kathy BritschKathy Britsch
22:34 14 Jun 24
Very informative and made me feel very safe !!!I recommend them!!
Larry ZilliLarry Zilli
16:10 14 Jun 24
You’d be better off taking the money they ask for the warranty and put it in an RV repair account. These clowns will do anything not to pay for a... repair. Just a waste of time and money!read more
Ronald MauldinRonald Mauldin
05:12 30 May 24
We selected Wholesale Warranty 4 years ago for our 2016 Thor Tuscany 45’ MotorCoach when we purchased it used. Wholesale Warranty have been a... lifesaver! Unfortunately we purchased a MOTORCOACH which required major components replaced or repaired. Wholesale Warranty has had our backs!The policy is expiring this month and we have renewed for another 4 years. Yes, expensive but repairs and replacements are out of sight. We feel that all major items have been now been replaced or repaired, but can’t afford not to have their warranty to feel safe while on the road.Don’t hesitate to apply for Warranty on your RV with WHOLESALE WARRENTY, you can feel safe and not havie to worry about going Bankrupt because of major and minor problems.Thank You Wholesale Warranty for honoring you contractLord Ronaldoread more
George SpicerGeorge Spicer
14:35 28 May 24
17:02 25 May 24
Great experience using our RV warranty with Wholesale Warranties.We have been with this company since 2015. We highly recommend their services.
Jacque DonofrioJacque Donofrio
19:10 20 May 24
We've had very good experiences with Wholesale Warranties. Their response has been fair and timely. I would definitely recommend them.
It was just so easy.

Don't Get Stuck Paying for Common Repairs

Motorhomes & Towable RV Warranties will cover:
Roof A/C
Fuel System
Leveling Jacks
Roof A/C$3,500.00 $0
Fuel System$3,400.00$0
Transmission $7,500.00 $0
Leveling Jacks $2,000.00 $0
Slideouts $1,700.00 $0
Refrigerator $3,500.00 $0
Awning $1,600.00 $0
All you pay is your deductible!

Will my RV break down?

Explore insightful breakdown statistics to understand the reliability and performance of RVs, providing peace of mind for your travels with Wholesale Warranties.


3 out of 10 RVs have a major breakdown by their 2nd year


8 out of 10 RVs have a major breakdown by their 5th year
100 percent

~ 100%

Nearly EVERY RV Suffers a major failure by their 8th year.

Extended RV Warranty Coverage You Can Count On

The simple fact is, RVs breakdown, and the cost of repair is only going up. An extended RV warranty from Wholesale Warranties is the best way to protect your travel budget. From Class A, B and C motorhomes to Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, and Autos, we have a plan to meet your coverage, budget, and lifestyle needs. 

From your diesel engine to appliances, heating and cooling components to slide-out motors, leveling jacks, and more, one of our reliable protection plans will have you covered.

RV Warranties Customized for You

You deserve peace of mind out on the road, so we only work with top-rated providers who have a proven history of claims payout. Flexibility matters for RV travelers, so you can use your policy at any licensed repair facility in the US or Canada, including Mobile RV Mechanics. One of our RV Warranty Specialists will work with you one-on-one to learn who you are as an RVer, and recommend a level of coverage, deductible, and term that is personalized to your needs. 

Wholesale Warranties is the only RV coverage provider with an internal Claims Support staff, here to walk you through the claims process, address any questions you have, and ensure fair claims handling. We put the RVer first, from the initial phone call through the end of your RV warranty term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to commonly asked questions about RV extended warranties, coverage options, claims processes, and more in our comprehensive FAQ section.

RV warranties and RV insurance are both useful protection products to have in place for your life on the road, but many travelers wonder what the difference is between the two coverages. This answer mostly comes down to coverage! An extended RV warranty is built to cover the cost of mechanical breakdowns your rig might face. These common RV repairs are costly, and your RV warranty will cover parts and labor for covered failures. This includes items ranging from your engine and transmission, to appliances, heating and cooling components, and more.

RV insurance, however, falls under a more standard comp and collision plan, similar to what you might have for your car or truck. This includes coverage for damages due to accidents, weather, vandalism, and more, all of which are specifically excluded by an RV warranty. An RV warranty is different from an RV insurance plan, but it’s a good idea to hold both coverages to have the most protection for your travel budget.

RV extended warranties, also known as RV extended service contracts, are coverage plans designed to cover the costs of mechanical failures your motorhome or towable RV may face. These contracts vary in coverage level, but will give details on what is covered by the RV warranty, what is not covered, or both. You pay an upfront premium for your chosen plan, which is based on several factors surrounding your level of coverage, RV type, and more. Your RV warranty will have a specific term, usually between 1 and 7 years, during which your coverage is active. When your rig suffers a covered failure during this time, the extended RV warranty plan steps in to pay full retail parts and labor for the required repair or replacement, minus a per-visit deductible. Generally, the RV mechanic who performed your repairs is paid via corporate credit card over the phone, and you’re able to get back on the road!

RV extended warranties come in many difference shapes and sizes, but the goal of all plans is to cover mechanical and electrical components on your motorhome or towable RV. Examples of items that would be covered under comprehensive plans include your engine, transmission, and drive axle, along with appliances like refrigerators and microwaves, electrical wiring, awning motors, leveling systems, and slide-outs make the list, along with heating and cooling components. You can learn more about the most commonly claimed components by clicking here!

It’s important to work with an RV warranty provider like Wholesale Warranties, who will personalize your coverage to your rig and needs. We offer top-of-the-line exclusionary plans that extend coverage to just about every major mechanical or electrical component in your rig, even including luxury items like solar panels or washer/dryer units. We also offer scaled-back coverage like powertrain only RV warranties, which are designed to only cover the most expensive possible failures you might face: engine and transmission breakdowns. Your RV extended warranty should match your RV life, and desired level of risk.

How much will an RV extended warranty cost? Well, it depends! RV warranties are priced based on very specific factors, so it isn’t possible to give a blanket statement or even an example range of pricing. We always recommend getting an RV warranty quote, which is free, and it never hurts to know your options.

While we can’t give you a dollar figure, we can tell you what goes into building the cost of an RV warranty. When quoting, we’ll look at your RV information: motorhome vs towable RV, value of your unit, how long you’ve had it and if there is any manufacturer warranty remaining, your current mileage (when applicable), and more. From there, we’ll look at what level of coverage is the right fit for you. Once we’ve selected a great plan, your final RV warranty pricing will come down to a new set of factors: how long of a term are you looking for? What kind of deductible would you like for your extended RV warranty?

At Wholesale Warranties, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all RVer, so there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all price for coverage. Work with a provider who will personalize your RV warranty to get the right price for your RV life.

RV extended warranties are offered in many terms, but will most often fall between 1 and 7 years of coverage. The newer the RV, the longer term you’ll qualify for. Used units will generally cap at 4 years of coverage.

Yes! Extended RV warranties are available for a variety of recreational vehicles. From Class A, B, and C motorhomes, to travel trailers, 5th wheels, pop-up campers, truck campers, and more. The plan you choose will be tailored to the type of camper that you have, ensuring you get the coverage you need.

Any RV structural warranty coverage will be provided directly from the manufacturer, generally valid for up to one to three years from the in-service date of your unit. RV extended warranties are designed to cover mechanical and electrical components, so structural damages would be specifically excluded by these additional protection products. For more information on the structural warranty attached to your RV or the RV you’re looking to buy, you’ll want to contact the manufacturer of your unit, or review the owner’s manual you were provided at the time of purchase.

Yes, most RVs will come with manufacturer warranty coverage. These policies are valid from the in-service date, and usually only to the original owner of the vehicle. The length and extent of your manufacturer RV warranty will vary based on your rig, and you’ll want to work directly with your owner’s manual for detailed information.

Generally speaking, there will be up to 1 year of comprehensive manufacturer warranty coverage for your RV. From there, you may have extended coverage for specific components, like your engine or individual appliances.

When RVers are looking into extended RV warranty coverage, they often ask if they should overlap coverage while their manufacturer policy is still in place, or wait for that to run out before investing. The answer is: it’s up to you! But it might cost you to wait.

The time period when your manufacturer warranty is in place is actually a great time to purchase extended coverage as well. You’ll never qualify for a longer term, better price, or higher level of coverage than when your RV is brand new or still under manufacturer protection. The actuaries who create RV extended warranty pricing are aware that most, if not all, repairs during the first year a rig is in-service will be covered by the manufacturer plan, so they give the most cost-effective rates to these lower risk vehicles. You can click here to learn more about saving money by locking in your RV warranty early on into purchase.

That being said, with an aftermarket provider like Wholesale Warranties, you don’t have to have manufacturer coverage in place to get an extended warranty for your RV. We offer plans for new and used vehicles, and will be happy to provide you with coverage at just about any point during your RV journey.

Generally, water damage will be covered by your RV insurance, not your RV extended warranty. It is important to note that the cause of the issue is important here. If you have water damage due to a failed plumbing system, the repair to the plumbing system may be covered by your plan, pending on the level of coverage selected. We always recommend calling in to your claims department for any failures you’re working through, as the worst they can say is no!

RV extended warranties are built to protect your travel budget. As RVing becomes increasingly popular the demand for skilled RV repair goes up, part prices and labor rates have regularly increased as well. And the reality is, even the most professionally maintained RV will run into issues. So you will end up in a repair shop, and it’s nice to have an protection plan to pick up that bill!

The value of an RV warranty isn’t only in the amount paid out in claims, however. There’s a lot to be said for peace of mind, knowing that if you do have the bad luck to run into a major RV failure while traveling, the cost won’t be coming out of your adventure budget. Even further, an RV warranty gives you an added layer of confidence and protection when walking into an RV repair shop. The conversations about labor hours, part prices, and repair needs will take place between your mechanic and a trained RV warranty claims adjustor, who will ensure you are being charged a fair price. Another benefit of locking in coverage is that it increases your resale value down the line, should you sell your RV to a private party.

The value of an RV warranty is clear, but where, when and if you buy one is a personal decision. You owe it to yourself to know your options, and getting a free RV warranty quote from us is a great place to start.

Using your RV warranty should be a smooth experience. We always recommend keeping a copy of your contract in your rig, so you have the contact information and claims details available should you run into an issue while traveling.

While each policy is different, most often the claims process will start with bringing your RV to a repair shop. The mechanic can diagnose the problem, but must call the RV warranty claims department before beginning any actual repair work. They’ll be provided with an authorization for any covered parts, at which point they can complete the work. A reliable policy will then pay the mechanic via corporate credit card, and you get back on the road where you belong!

Remember, an extended service contract is designed to be used when you run into unexpected mechanical and electrical repairs. If you get into an accident, or suffer damage due to weather, theft, or other outside force, you’ll want to call your RV comp and collision plan. If you are stuck on the side of the road or need a tow, lockout help, or other assistance, you’ll want to call your RV Roadside Assistance plan. You can click here to learn more about the RV Roadside Assistance benefits that come with our preferred plan!

While each plan is a little different, there are a few common occurrences which will void your extended RV warranty plan. First and foremost, a discrepancy between the information provided at the time of purchase, and the reality of your unit. That is, the reported mileage, vehicle information, VIN, and more must match the unit you own. Additionally, the VIN cannot be tied to a branded title vehicle. You will also need to avoid misuse of your RV. This includes installing items not approved by the manufacturer, particularly those that impact the normal function of the mechanical and electrical components that came with your rig. Refer to the terms and conditions of your RV extended warranty contract for additional details. Further, you’ll need to ensure you’re completing routine maintenance as laid out by your manufacturer.

When it comes to extended RV warranty coverage, there are many renovations you are able to perform on your vehicle without voiding coverage. Again, because the policies are designed to cover mechanical and electrical components, you’ll want to avoid any upgrades or changes that impact the function of these items. However, common renovation projects like wallpaper or paint, new flooring, and new upholstery are purely cosmetic. RV extended warranties do not cover cosmetic failures, and these changes shouldn’t impact the function of any covered components. Learn more about personalizing your rig while it’s under extended coverage here.

No, living in your rig full-time does not void any of the RV extended warranties offered by Wholesale Warranties. Be sure to let us know you’re a full-timer or plan to go full-time, as it helps us to pick a coverage option suited to your travel goals.

The RV extended warranties we offer are fully cancellable and transferrable. There is a pro-rated refund calculated at the time of cancellation, which will be based on the percentage of your term remaining, less any claims or services paid. There is also a small cancellation fee that will be deducted from your final refund amount.


Yes, our RV extended warranties are fully transferable. You may transfer the policy to the new owner of your RV when sold via private party sale. You cannot transfer if you are trading your vehicle into a dealership—you would need to cancel if that is your plan.

Transferring the RV warranty is a great benefit to the new owner, and can increase the value of your rig at the time of sale. Further, rigs that are under extended RV warranty protection are often viewed as being well-maintained and cared for, which is a great sales tool.

Yes, Wholesale Warranties offers policies that are backed by AM Best A-rated insurance carriers. This offers our customers the peace of mind that their RV extended warranty will be there for them when they need it most. You can learn more about the insurance backer, administrator, and all parties involved in a successful RV warranty product by watching this video!

An exclusionary RV warranty is the highest level of coverage available. This type of policy will list what is specifically excluded by the plan. If your breakdown does not fall on that list of exclusions, it will be covered! An inclusionary or comprehensive RV warranty plan still offers great coverage, and works in the opposite way. An inclusionary RV warranty will list what is covered by the policy. If your breakdown is not on the list of covered components, it will be excluded.

Yes! Full-time RVers are eligible for all of the RV warranty plans offered by Wholesale Warranties. Be sure to share your current or planned full-time use with your Specialist when getting a quote, as it will help them to make the best coverage recommendation for how you use your rig.

At Wholesale Warranties, we require an RV inspection in order to activate RV warranty plans for used RVs. If your rig is new and under manufacturer warranty coverage, an inspection will likely not be required.

Why do we do an RV inspection? To protect you! An RV inspection allows you to start your coverage on your schedule. Many other RV warranty providers will require a waiting period, meaning you can’t make any claims for the first 30 days AND 1000 miles of your policy. We don’t offer any policies with waiting periods, instead, performing RV inspections to show the rig is in good working condition before the policy goes into effect. Our RV inspectors come out to your location, on your schedule, and the price of the required inspection is included in your coverage.

Yes! As a broker, we specialize in having options. When you get a quote from Wholesale Warranties, you’ll work one-on-one with an RV Warranty Specialist to find the policy that best suits your rig, lifestyle, and budget. We will look at various levels of coverage, providers, and terms to make an expert recommendation. Whether you’re looking for the most comprehensive coverage out there in an exclusionary RV warranty, or scaled-back coverage for the most expensive potential breakdowns, we have a plan to meet your unique needs.

Yes, all of the RV extended warranties we offer allow you to take your RV to any licensed repair facility in the United States or Canada, including mobile mechanics. The flexibility to use a mobile mechanic is a great feature for many RVers, and one you should absolutely look for in a policy, especially if you are an active or full-time traveler.

Please note that coverage for the service call varies from policy to policy, and may only apply to emergency situations. You are able to process a claim through a licensed mobile mechanic regardless, but you may be responsible for the service call fee in some situations. Be sure to chat with your RV Warranty Specialist to learn more!

All policies offered by Wholesale Warranties allow you to use your extended RV warranty with any licensed repair facility in the United States or Canada, including mobile mechanics. In this case, licensed simply means a facility with a tax ID number that is in the business of working on RVs, vehicles, or appliances.

Being able to take your RV to your preferred repair facility is a great feature. If you’re looking for a mechanic in your area, RV Repair Direct, a directory and review site for RV repair facilities, can be a great resource.

Filing a claim should be a quick and easy experience. With all RV warranties offered by Wholesale Warranties, that process will follow these steps:

  1. Refer to your RV warranty contract for contact and coverage details.
  2. Bring your vehicle to a repair facility and have them diagnose this issue, but not begin any actual repair work.
  3. At this point, your mechanic will call your warranty claims adjustor to open a claim and provide the diagnosis, and an estimate for parts and labor costs.
  4. The adjustor will provide your mechanic with a pre-authorization number for any covered components. Your repair facility cannot begin work until receiving this pre-authorization.
  5. The mechanic will complete the repairs, and will be paid by the RV warranty company via corporate credit card over the phone.
  6. You pay for your deductible and any non-covered services, and get back on the road where you belong!

If your RV requires an emergency repair during a holiday or outside of business hours, you may have the repairs completed. You will need to keep all receipts and documentation, and call into your RV warranty company on the next business day to open a claim. They will adjust that claim based on the terms and conditions of your contract. Keep in mind that most RV warranty claims departments keep the same hours as RV repair facilities, so these types of claims are relatively uncommon.

No! Most claims are paid over the phone via corporate credit card. If you run into an emergency claim or work with an RV repair facility that does not take credit cards, you may pay upfront and need reimbursement. However, it is important to note that all claims processes must still be followed, including the required pre-authorization before work is completed.

With our RV warranty policies, the deductible is charged per visit to the repair facility, not per item repaired! You’re able to have multiple items repaired for one deductible.

Most plans do not come with built-in roadside assistance, and when they do, it often won’t cover the full cost of a tow. This is why we always recommend investing in an additional RV Roadside Assistance plan. It’s important to have coverage tailored to RVs, and that will cover the higher cost of towing an RV as compared to an automobile. You can learn more about our RV Roadside Assistance here.

No, RV extended warranties will not cover routine maintenance. These plans are designed to cover breakdowns and failures of mechanical and electrical parts, and will specifically exclude any maintenance items and services.

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RV Maintenance Tips

Explore our comprehensive collection of RV maintenance tips to keep your vehicle running smoothly and avoid costly repairs.

Check Tire Pressure Regularly

Proper tire pressure is essential for safe driving and fuel efficiency. Use a tire pressure gauge to check tire pressure before each trip and adjust as needed.

Inspect Seals and Caulking

Regularly inspect the seals and caulking around windows, doors, and seams to prevent water leaks and damage.

Service Your Generator

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for servicing your generator, including oil changes, filter replacements, and spark plug inspections.

Clean and Lubricate Slide-Outs

Clean and lubricate slide-outs regularly to ensure smooth operation and prevent damage to the slide mechanism.

Flush and Sanitize Water Systems

Flush and sanitize your RV’s fresh water system at least once a year to remove any built-up sediment or bacteria.

Check Roof Seals

Inspect the roof seals and seams for cracks or signs of wear, and reseal as needed to prevent water intrusion.

Inspect Batteries

Check the condition of your RV’s batteries regularly and clean the terminals to prevent corrosion. Consider using a battery tender to maintain charge when not in use.

Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors regularly to ensure they are functioning correctly and replace batteries as needed.

Monitor Propane Systems

Check propane tanks, lines, and fittings for leaks or damage regularly, and have your propane system inspected by a professional annually.

Protect Your RV and Enjoy Peace of Mind

The threat of pricey repairs is very real for all motorhomes, travel trailers & 5th wheels. Don’t put your RV life at financial risk. Protect your budget from costly repairs and travel with peace of mind.