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At EnjoytheJourney.Life, we believe protecting your RV adventures is important, and right now is a key time to lock in your coverage.

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Because the simple truth is: your RV will breakdown. And when it does, it’ll cost you! Waiting until next year might mean it costs you even more. Get your free quote for RV warranty coverage from our friends at Wholesale Warranties, then keep reading for more information on pricing and eligibility changes hitting RV warranties in the new year.

Plus, be sure to mention the code “EnjoytheJourney Offer” to receive a free, one (1) year RV Roadside Assistance membership with your RV extended service contract purchase.*

How does the end of the year impact RV Warranties and pricing?

At the beginning of each new year, all vehicles in-service are considered one model year older, and this effects RV protection in two major ways:

    • As of January 1, 2024, all RVs become one model year older, raising the cost of RV warranties on all units
    • Motorhomes aged 2003 and older will no longer be eligible for coverage of any kind, and 2008 motorhomes will lose access to comprehensive coverage levels, and will only qualify for powertrain protection
    • All towable vehicles aged 2008 and older will no longer be eligible for RV Warranty coverage of any kind after January 1, 2024


Why do you need RV Protection in the first place?

Most Common RV Repair Costs

Its simple: RVs breakdown, and the cost to repair them is only going up. A lot of RVers don’t factor in repair costs when they’re planning their budget, and the first breakdown they hit can sideline their trip. Extended RV warranties provide coverage against common and expensive failures, stepping in to pay for items you use everyday, like the A/C, generator, refrigerator, leveling system, and even your diesel engine. These items can suffer a mechanical failure at any time, and without any warning. With an RV warranty in place, you won’t have to worry about the financial side of a breakdown, allowing you to travel with peace of mind.


Why Do We Recommend Wholesale Warranties?

Their commitment to customer service excellence and reliable coverage can’t be beat, as evidenced by their A+ rating with the BBB and 5-star reviews on CustomerLobby, TrustPilot and Google Reviews. We also love that they serve a wide variety of RVers, offering coverage for used and new rigs alike. They also make it easy to use their policy, allowing you to take your rig to any licensed repair facility in the US or Canada, including mobile mechanics! Not only that, they’re the only provider with an entire department dedicated to claims support, ensuring your repairs go as smoothly as possible.

Ready to see what RV protection might cost for your home-on-wheels? Provide your information in the form to the right to get your free, personalized RV warranty quote!

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*Offer valid for RV extended service contracts purchased between November 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023 only. Must use coupon code “EnjoytheJourney Offer” to qualify. One (1) free year of Roadside Assistance to begin at start date of purchased extended service contract. Policy will not automatically renew. No refund due on early cancellation of gifted Roadside Assistance plan.

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